3 Ideas to Integrate a Water Feature into Your Lebanon County, PA Inground Pool

If your inground pool in Lebanon County, PA, is just lacking that certain something, or if your inground pool is not quite the backyard get-away you imagined, it might be time to add a water feature. Whether you are looking to make your pool more interesting with a focal point, create ambience, or add a playful new element, a water feature can help you to achieve your long overdue vision!


Waterfalls in nature are simply breathtaking. With help and guidance from a Hummel’s Landscape Inc. professional, you can experience this natural wonder right in your backyard. There are many kinds of waterfall features to choose from. Whether you want something big and bold or a subtler cascade, the elegant beauty and the steady whoosh of running water will transform your inground pool. Waterfall features will please the younger members of your family, as waterfalls not only inspire relaxation, but inspire play as well. Waterfall features are sought not only for their visual stimulation, but for their sound. Whether you want to diminish the sound of passing cars or a neighbors dog, or you just want to experience the relaxing effect that running water has on the senses, waterfall features can help you to escape the sounds and stresses of modern life. 


Deck Jets

For a more dramatic and modern look, consider talking to your Hummel’s Landscape Inc. contractor about installing water-jet features. Typically, several water jets are arranged around the perimeter of the inground pool. Depending on the look and feeling you are hoping to achieve, water jets can be set to disperse water in large or smaller arcs. Large arcs can typically be set to shoot up to seven feet in the air. Water jets, therefore, can be arranged to be as dramatic or as subtle as you can imagine. Water jets, however elegant and dramatic, simultaneously offer a playful element for children. Additionally, the sound of the steady trickle that is created provides a peaceful atmosphere. Water jet features are typically installed into the natural surrounding landscape or made flush with the pool deck to prevent tripping hazards. 



3 Ideas to Integrate a Water Feature into Your Lebanon County, PA Inground Pool

If you are not sure what kind of water feature you want, fountains offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and options. If you are looking to add a water feature that is playful and fun, a floating fountain might be a good choice. Floating fountains rest on the surface of the water and use an anchor to stay in place. Floating fountains are typically equipped with adjustable geysers, so these features can be subtle or eye-catching depending on the day! If you’re interested in something a bit more elegant, a built-in wall fountain might be a good choice. A built-in wall fountain attaches to a nearby raised wall and feeds into the pool from the outside. Another option is the pedestal fountain. The pedestal fountain is attached at the side of the pool, sitting atop the pool’s edge. These water features often come in the shape of a basin, or more playfully, the shape of a frog or dolphin spitting water back into the pool. Pedestal water features are flow-adjustable and the easiest to install. All varieties of water fountains share the relaxing sound of running water and the ability to keep debris moving towards the skimmer, and thus, helping to keep your pool sparkling clean. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.