3 Water Efficient Landscaping Ideas for Your Fairview, PA, Home

Although water is one of the most precious natural resources that keeps us all alive, many times we take it for granted. And while it is true that stunning gardens and beautiful lawns can be created only through watering, the fact is excessive watering, fertilization, and pesticide application can ruin a Fairview, PA landscape. Your landscape needs just the right amount of watering. Here are some water-efficient landscaping ideas to inspire you to make the switch toward a more sustainable landscape.

Why Water-Efficient Landscaping?

Creating beautiful landscapes is a primary goal of both homeowners and landscape contractors. But it is also important for us to get educated on the proper ways of maintaining the landscape. Water-efficient landscaping helps with conservation by providing just enough water for the landscape to thrive and be healthy. It’s a mindful plan for avoiding excess water waste, preserving natural resources, and enjoying the benefits of a lower water bill. It also reduces runoff of stormwater and could add to the overall value of your home.

Smart Irrigation

3 Water Efficient Landscaping Ideas for Your Fairview, PA, Home

Irrigation systems are used to automatically adjust the amount of water needed for landscaping. The things that are taken into consideration when installing a smart irrigation system are the weather, types of soil and plants, and the amount of sunlight the landscape receives. Contrast this with a sprinkler, which sprays a lot of water onto plantings, which results in water lost through evaporation and runoff. Some of the water ends up on the leaves and can never be transported to the roots.

Smart irrigation involves monitoring of weather and soil condition, evaporation, and plant waters. Smart irrigation controllers also consider on-site specific variables, including the soil type, sprinklers’ application rate, and more to adjust the watering schedule.  

Application of Mulch

A layer of organic mulch will contribute to preserving soil moisture, improve conditions for root growth, and prevent evaporation more than anything else that can be put on your landscape. Mulch is also essential for proper weed prevention as it strengthens the roots of the flowers and other plants in your garden, and weakens the weeds. Organic mulch also decomposes and improves the soil to absorb more water.


Drip Irrigation

Drip systems are another way to save water. Drip irrigation systems bring water directly to the plant’s roots so that there is no waste of water. Drip systems are made of a long plastic tube set under the ground surrounding the plant. The tube consists of fittings that release the water into the soil, slowly. This is an efficient way of irrigation because the gradual water intake allows the plant to soak it all in before it can evaporate or run off. This also reduces surface water, which is great for weed prevention.

When it comes to water-efficient landscaping, it is important to choose the technique that is right for you. Our team at Hummel’s Landscape Inc. can help you select the right water-saving system that will save you time, money, and energy in the long run. We offer a cutting-edge irrigation system that is water-efficient and significantly reduces upkeep. Our expert team can design and implement a proper system that keeps your landscape adequately hydrated and makes your life easier.