4 Landscaping Ideas for Multi-Level Backyards in Silver Spring, PA

Multi-level backyards in Silver Spring, PA offer unique opportunities for architectural design and landscaping. Their multiple elevations create visually interesting structure and separate outdoor spaces into clearly defined rooms. Here are some landscaping ideas for getting the most out of your multi-level backyard, and, if you don't have a multi-level backyard, some inspiration to make a change:

Accessibility and Flow

The first thing a multi-level backyard needs is easy access from one area to the next. This can be achieved by incorporating natural stone or attractive concrete unit steps at convenient access points. Talk to a Hummel's Landscape professional about ways in which these steps can offer safety as well as unique visual appeal. Wide, flowing steps between terraces can help to promote visual flow throughout the landscape and keep each level open and airy. 

4 Landscaping Ideas for Multi-Level Backyards in Silver Spring, PA  

Softening Hardscapes

By interspersing the patios and decks of your multilevel space with lush vegetation, a Hummel's Landscape crew can help to create a balance between the hardscape and the softscape. If your multilevel backyard spaces has sizeable stretches of hardscape for entertaining and relaxing, plantings can help to add shade and additional visual flair. Well-placed plant life softens hardscapes, promotes rich color, and can contribute to a variety of outdoor themes, depending on the selection of plantings and the materials used to construct the planters. Dense hedges or thick vines trained over a trellis are perfect for privacy while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

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Get All the Benefits of a Multi-Level Design

There are multiple reasons to consider turning your backyard into a multi-level masterpiece. Sloping ground can often go unused, and can be put to better use by turning the area into terraces using a retaining wall system. A multi-level design can also help to improve the drainage of your landscape a whole. For homes that have the advantage of beautiful, sweeping views, a multi-level design can help to draw attention to the vista and provide platforms from which to enjoy it. Make sure your multi-level design does capitalize on all of these benefits. If not, contact Hummel's Landscape Inc. for a redesign that will enhance both the function and the appearance of your yard.  

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Water Delights

A retaining wall can become a standout design feature in its own right. Consider highlighting your retaining walls with captivating water features. Imagine, for example, a wall fountain built into the natural stone retaining wall enclosing your patio, or a stream feature that continues down multiple levels of your hardscape. The sounds of gurgling water can greatly enhance the atmosphere of an outdoor dining room or seating area. Rectangular planters filled with gorgeous lush shrubs, or flowering perennials lining the walls, can further enhance the tranquil feel of the space. 

Raised ponds, or partially sunken hot tubs pair well with a multi-level backyard design and can repeat the motif created by retaining walls. In addition, having a swimming pool installed on one of the upper levels of your multi-level hardscape provides the opportunity to incorporate an infinity edge to the pool.