4 Must Haves in Every Landscape Design

Landscape design is much more complicated than deciding on the placement of a few flower beds and building a porch. This endeavor should be entered into with the assistance of a professional landscape designer who understands the effects of weather, time, function, and aesthetic on the best choices for a landscaping plan. As you determine the must-haves for your Lebanon County, PA yard, create a master plan that includes all softscape and hardscape features that you intend to include.

4 Must Haves in Every Lebanon County PA Landscape Design

The Master Plan

The overarching theme and design of your landscape is arguably the single most important element of the planning process. This plan can then be translated into a physical document that includes the layout and theme of the softscapes and hardscapes of your yard. The expert assisting you will consider the grading of the land, the effect of sun and shade over the course of the year, and how you plan to use your outdoor space. All of this will influence the final design. Most importantly, the details and comprehensive result of your landscape remodel should complement the architecture of the home and fit within the tastes and habits of the homeowner.



Softscapes refer to the naturally occurring elements of the outdoor area. These include any type of greenery, including bushes, trees, plants, and flowers. Not only should you look ahead to the potential size of trees years down the road, you should also consider the level of maintenance required for the greenery. Consult with your landscaper in choosing plantings that will fit within your capabilities and the capacity of your property regarding maintenance and future growth. In addition, a landscape designer will evaluate the symmetrical balance and line of sight created by strategic placement of trees and other vegetation. A landscape designer will even help plan out artistic effects created by the shade of the plants and trees, should that be an element that you’d like considered. The effect that your plantings will make upon your completed yard are significant and not to be underestimated.



Every yard will include some form of construction. Whether you choose to include only a patio or extend your planning into water or fire features, retaining or garden walls, or even an outdoor kitchen or bar space, a landscape specialist can assist with the design, material selection, and actual construction. Things to consider as you brainstorm ideas are the users of the area, the function intended, and the budget available. For example, if you have children or pets, you might consider designating an area in which they can play, and if you enjoy entertaining, a large focus can be placed on facilitating the comfort of your guests and the ambience of your entertainment area.

Separation and Flow

The spaces within your yard should be separated according to function. To travel from one space to another, walkways created by pavers will increase the function of your landscape, protect your greenery, and provide an aesthetic line of sight that enhances your yard. Whether you choose a fire pit, gazebo, or other hardscape as the focal point of the landscape, you can design straightforward paths to this area or create a curving, meandering series of paths to encourage enjoyment of greenery and other features of the yard. This decision is another that a landscape designer can assist you with making. The layout, softscapes, and hardscapes of your landscape plan should be laid out in your master plan that guides the project through to completion.