4 Tips for Fitting Outdoor Kitchens into Small Spaces in Silver Spring

If you thought you didn’t have space for an outdoor kitchen in your Silver Spring, PA, landscape - think again. Spaces for the efficient grilling and preparation of food can now be nestled into the smallest corners of a patio or poolside. It all lies in using design techniques to create the illusion of spaciousness, and in ensuring that you’ve included all the essentials.

Many modern outdoor kitchens may boast beverage stations and multiple grills, but by embracing the old saying, “less is more”, you can create a stunning and fully-functioning outdoor kitchen with minimal space. Here are a few ways to transform any small, unused space into an outdoor kitchen that will enhance your outdoor entertainment.

Invest in essentials

4 Tips for Fitting Outdoor Kitchens into Small Spaces in Silver Spring, PA

The main purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to make outdoor dining quicker and more convenient. It should minimize trips between the home and patio, and enable most food to be prepared right beside the dining table. Ensure that either a gas-burning or charcoal-burning grill, as well as under-counter refrigeration, are included in your limited arsenal of appliances. Your outdoor kitchen should also offer simple amenities such as counter and storage space. These simple conveniences will go a long way to stretch what you can achieve with your outdoor entertainment.


Experiment with high-end materials

One advantage of working with a small outdoor kitchen is that you can incorporate plenty of expensive materials into its design without worrying about breaking the bank. You can use high-end materials, like natural stone, to make countertops and grill islands stand out. Granite can be used to create sleek, modern kitchens, while bluestone and flagstone can bring interesting textures to the design. Combining concrete and natural stone can create variation within the design of your outdoor kitchen and make it more unique. Different materials can be selected in similar shades and textures, so that they blend harmoniously into one another. Alternatively, they can be made to contrast, drawing attention to the parts of the design where these materials meet.

Compensate for space with top-of-the-range products

If you don’t have plenty of elbow room or counter space in your outdoor kitchen, you can still rely on quality appliances to make cooking a breeze. These appliances can also earn your modest kitchen the same sophisticated reputation as larger versions, compensating for its lack of space. It’s also easier to invest in expensive appliances when your limited counter space prevents you from splashing on warming drawers and ice machines.


Include a bar for a welcoming atmosphere

You may find that your fire pit or pool attract most of your guests, leaving the cook isolated. This can be prevented by providing guests with a place to sit and watch the food being prepared, or chat with the cook. Consider raising the edge of your countertop to create a narrow ledge and place a few bar stools alongside it. This takes up minimal space and can enhance your outdoor kitchen as a landscape attraction.


Image courtesy of Unilock.