5 Ideas for Pet-Friendly Landscaping in Derry, PA

Any pet with high exercise needs—a dog in particular—requires room to roam without encountering hazards or becoming a hazard to your valuable landscaping investments. Spending time outdoors serves as much-needed mental stimulation and can combat depression in dogs. Take the time to ensure that your Derry, PA, landscape is accommodating to your best friend. Fortunately, many of the amenities that pets love can be enjoyed by people too! Here are a few ideas to guide your pet-friendly landscaping endeavors:

Safety and Security Is Key

5 Ideas for Pet-Friendly Landscaping in Derry, PA

Above all else, you should ensure that your backyard is a safe place for your pet. Fence off your backyard or create enclosed dog runs within the larger landscape. This will ensure that your beloved pup doesn’t encounter traffic or other dogs without your supervision and guidance. Construct an attractive fence that complements your home aesthetic, whether it’s a picket fence for a homely feel or a sleek barrier comprised of refined wooden panels. Just ensure that it is sturdy enough to contain your dog and that there aren’t any small gaps in which he might get stuck.


Keep Them Hydrated

All outdoor pets will benefit from plenty of fresh, accessible water. Consider incorporating an elaborate water feature into your landscape, comprised of a stream, small waterfall, and large round pond. Water-loving dogs will adore splashing around in the stream, while all dogs can appreciate the opportunity to drink from the cool, still waters of the pond. What’s more, a well-designed water feature will create a serene soundtrack, tranquil atmosphere, and worthy conversation-starter for you too! Ensure that your water sources are safe and that your pets will be able to climb out, should they ever fall in.

Keep Them Cool

Pets can suffer from heatstroke, just like us. It is important that they have plenty of sources of shade for finding relief from the summer sun. You may have the room for large trees that will also add vertical dimension to your landscape and give it a greener, more inviting appearance. If trees aren’t feasible in your landscape, consider constructing pergolas fitted with attractive shade cloths. A simple dog house occupies very little space and will do a good job of keeping your pet cool and sheltered.

Plant Carefully and Avoid Toxins

Some plants are poisonous to dogs or have the ability to irritate them, including azaleas and lilies, and should be eradicated from any pet-friendly landscape. Cocoa mulch smells great and many homeowners love it. However, it can cause unwelcome reactions in dogs that happen to consume it. The measures you take to control the populations of bats, rats, and other pests in your landscape may be harmful to your pets. Be sure to keep them out of reach of your pup.


Opt for Paw-Friendly Landscaping Materials

While you can easily slip into a pair of sandals on your way out the door, your pet has to endure the temperature and texture of your hardscape materials on his paws. Opt for materials that don’t absorb plenty of heat or cling to fur, as this can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet. Safe varieties of mulch don’t store heat and are good candidates for pet-friendly landscapes, although they require periodic replacement. Artificial turf is wonderfully comfortable for pets and cannot be tarnished by their digging or running around.