5 Ideas to Boost Your Outdoor Living Space in Lebanon County

It’s the dawn of a new year, and the perfect time to explore ways in which you can improve the quality of your outdoor living. Perhaps your Lebanon County, PA, outdoor living space could be more visually appealing, or perhaps it’s full of visual flair but lacks practicality and convenience. After all, your patio should be your personal getaway after a long week, and shouldn’t be a chore to maintain or use. Here are a few features that can enhance your outdoor living space.

Outdoor cooking

5 Ideas to Boost Your Outdoor Living Space in Lebanon County PA

An outdoor kitchen can effectively simplify your barbecues and starlit dinner parties. Ensure that you include a refrigerator, garbage can, storage units, and plenty of counter space alongside your grill to minimize trips back indoors. An outdoor kitchen can also serve as the centerpiece around which family and friends gather, especially if fitted with a bar and beer taps. Ensure that valuable appliances are adequately protected from the elements, and that the kitchen is well ventilated to prevent fires.


Landscape lighting can accomplish far more than prolonging your outdoor activities past sunset. Strategically positioned lighting fixtures can be used to create ambience, or highlight specific features within the outdoor design. Have spotlights placed at the bases of sculptures or trees to draw further attention to them and add interest to your landscape after dark. Small, downturned lights can be used to highlight the shrubs and flower beds that line a walkway without creating an unpleasant glare. Regardless of the visual effect created, lighting is absolutely essential to ensure that guests can navigate your landscape safely.

Pet-friendly places

Creating an area specifically for the enjoyment of your pets will not only make them happier, but will also prevent them from interfering with your outdoor hosting during those moments when you would rather not have them around. Small ponds, and other ground-level water features, can provide your pets with drinking water and a place to play. However, they should be able to climb out easily should they fall in. Fencing off a large expanse of lawn will create a pet run that can be filled with obstacle courses to facilitate their exercise. A fence will also ensure that they don’t wander off or wreak havoc on your flower beds.


Relaxing beach-themed features

A simple, charming walkway or centerpiece can give your landscape the look and feel of a beachy getaway. Consider framing walkways using pale pebbles or sand and plenty of grass. You could, alternatively, include a distressed wooden canoe in your patio design and scatter seashells in strategic places to emphasize your desired theme.

Small, functional spaces

Make use of the small corners of your landscape that have been neglected for years because they are awkwardly shaped or positioned. These nooks and crannies can be transformed into cozy outdoor rooms that serve to enhance and expand your outdoor living areas. Consider including multi-purpose retaining walls into their designs to maximize your use of space, and avoid filling them with bulky furniture.