5 Ideas to Get Your South Londonderry, PA, Patio Ready for Summer

As temperatures rise and the color returns to your South Londonderry, PA, landscape, you’ll begin to spend a lot more time outdoors enjoying what summer has to offer. There is, therefore, no better time to ensure that your patio is in good shape. Have more exciting yet effortless, barbecues and pool parties this summer by incorporating some of the following features into your backyard.  

A dynamic kitchen

In addition to the staple features and appliances that every outdoor kitchen needs, there are various fun accessories that can make the room more welcoming and enhance its ability to keep guests entertained. A mini-fridge for keeping drinks chilled will have guests returning to the kitchen, for example. A beer tap and pizza oven are also fun features that will add interest and character to any outdoor kitchen. Have the edge of your countertop raised and line it with bar stools to invite guests to enjoy what your outdoor kitchen has to offer. 


Captivating water features

Water features can be built into poolsides for adding resort-like flair, or installed as centerpieces to create powerful outdoor rooms. A relatively tall water feature can be used to define the curved edge of the pool and separate it from any furniture or fire pits nearby. Pool-integrated water features can also be fun to swim underneath and often serve to improve the circulation of pool water, preventing the growth of algae. While water features can introduce a vertical dimension to your landscape design and often serve as stunning visual focal points, their main benefit lies in the tranquil ambience they create. The sound of rushing, or trickling, water can create the perfect environment for reading, meditation or relaxation. 

Luxurious stone elements

Natural stone has a wonderfully natural look and feel, which can make any patio or pool deck appear effortlessly put-together. It is also distinctly luxurious and can give a resort-like quality to outdoor entertainment areas. Sandstone is a favorite for contemporary designs, as it comes in a range of pleasant neutral shades that complement modern trends. It can also go a long way in establishing a tropical theme, and pairs well with any surrounding greenery.

A cozy fire pit

5 Ideas to Get Your South Londonderry, PA, Patio Ready for Summer

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in fire features. A fire pit can extend your outdoor fun far past sunset and, together with a starlit sky and cool evening air, can create an unforgettable ambience. Consider installing a fire pit near your pool, merging the atmosphere of two inviting features. Guests will adore being able to enjoy a starlit dip in the pool before warming up by the fireside. Incorporating elegant lights into the framework of your pool, and around the fire pit, is essential to ensure that you are safe after dark. 


An imaginative inground pool

Consider a sleek geometric pool to complement your contemporary patio, or an infinity pool for a more exotic aesthetic. Inground gunite pools offer limitless possibilities when it comes to shape and size, so make the most of your pool design this summer. Consider eye-catching customizations like beach entries and intricate mosaic designs. Surrounding the pool with large-leafed plants and rugged stone elements can help to foster a relaxing, tropical atmosphere. 


Image courtesy of Unilock.