5 Landscaping Ideas for Gorgeous Backyard Makeovers in Lower Paxton, PA

Sometimes, a certain area of your landscape develops the need for a makeover. Whether a space has become outdated or is in need of some added functionality, try these ideas for adding a new look to your Lower Paxton, PA, backyard:

Adding a Water Feature To Your Pool Area

If you  have a pool that needs a makeover, a water feature can offer a dramatic design change. Adding a water feature that is integrated into the filtration system of your pool is one option. You can also incorporate natural rock and boulders to give your pool the appearance of a tropical waterfall. Shrubs and flowers can be added to further the natural appeal of your water feature.

5 Landscaping Ideas for Gorgeous Backyard Makeovers in Lower Paxton, PA

Giving Your Patio Shelter

Patios are a great spaces to relax and rejuvenate. Add new functionality to your patio by having a pavilion or simple pergola constructed. Now that your patio is protected from the elements, you can add furniture, mounted TV’s or dining areas. The verticals of your pavillion can be made from various materials such as wood, brick, or concrete units. These pillars supporting the pavillion can be used to mount lighting for evening activities. For added color and visual interest, a paver rug can be inlaid into your patio to section off the seating area beneath the pavillion.


Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Backyard grilling a popular past-time. Why not give your grill area the attention it deserves? Grilling can become troublesome if you are constantly going back and forth to fetch utensils and ingredients. If this is the case when you grill, it’s time to give your grill area a makeover by transforming it into a fully functional outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor kitchen areas offer added space and storage, as well as extra convenience when preparing more complicated dishes. This makes everything readily accessible when it’s time to grill. If there is food being grilled, there are also people gathering to enjoy it. This calls for seating. Consider extending the countertop space of your outdoor kitchen to create a peninsula for extra seating. For even more seating, place a seat wall around the perimeter of your outdoor kitchen for large events.

A Beautiful Seating Area With Vertical Planting

Vertical planting space is under-utilized considering it allows you to enjoy beautiful greenery without taking up too much space. A living wall provides a cozy place to get out of the sun and wind. For that reason, have your hanging garden, living wall, or vertical plant beds placed around your seating area to create a comfortable enclosure. If your seating area has a pavillion, this can make it even easier to make use of vertical planting space. For example, you can use hanging plants at the corners of your pavillion to add color.


Build a Seating Area Around Your Fire Pit

Seating is crucial for enjoying gatherings around the fire. Luckily, you have a few options for permanent seating around your fire pit. Depending upon the rest of your design, seat walls can be constructed in a circular or rectangular shape. A seat wall wouldn’t be complete without attractive coping. The right coping will ensure that the seats are comfortable and smooth. For added comfort, use outdoor seat cushions on your seat wall to create an even more inviting feel.