5 Landscaping Tips for Creating the Ultimate Al Fresco Outdoor Dining Experience in Silver Spring, PA

We know that being outside is great for our health, but did you know that regularly dining outside has added benefits? Working all day in an office, running errands, and hurrying back to your Silver Spring, PA, house at the end of the day are all stressors. Imagine knowing that the ultimate al fresco outdoor dining area awaits you at home—it could boost your mood, lower your stress level, and maybe even improve your concentration. Here are five landscaping tips for creating the ideal al fresco outdoor dining experience:

Pick a Patio

5 Landscaping Tips for Creating the Ultimate Al Fresco Outdoor Dining Experience in Silver Spring, PA

Concrete paving stones could create a durable and impressive base for a patio that offers unlimited possibilites, from a fully decked out outdoor dining room to a cozy, two-person dining area around a fire pit.

There are so many attractive stones and laying patterns to consider. You might love the look of a traditional flagstone patio or brick-colored pavers set in a herringbone pattern. Large gray paving stones lined with small pebbles can complement pretty much any home color or style.

Opt for a Pergola

For your shading needs and overall aesthetic, think about adding a pergola to your dining area. With bits of light filtering down on you during an early dinner, you’ll have created an inviting and airy spot for dining. It could be placed right over your patio or as close to possible to your cooking space for easy meal transport. Adding long curtains along the sides could further block the sun or save your napkins from blowing away on a windy day.


Consider Planting Trees and Shrubs

Choosing the right trees and shrubs for your home’s particular soil, climate, and terrain can transform the al fresco dining into an enduring garden oasis. A circular raised stone planter could be home to a unique and dramatic tree that becomes a focal point on your patio. Flowering shrubs in freshly mulched beds are not only attractive but fragrant. Planting trees in a strategic way to block the sun with a natural canopy makes even the warmest days pleasant. Ornamental grasses look great throughout most seasons and can change color as the days grow cooler.

Factor in the Privacy Issue

To add privacy to the outdoor dining area, consider a privacy wall or stone retaining wall, which can also muffle outside noise. The wall does not have to surround the entire patio to bring a sense of intimacy and seclusion. Even a single wall with a flowering trailing vine can create the quiet serenity you want for enjoying dinner with friends or family, or for dining solo. If a wall is not in the budget, a row of tall hedges can accomplish the same effect.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Stringing some fun lights or adding hanging lanterns can make using your al fresco dining room especially enjoyable at night. Large pots filled with trees and flowering plants can add color and style to your patio haven. To extend the use of a patio, incorporate a fire feature such as a fire pit or fireplace.


Imagine hosting a regular al fresco card game with friends, or having a pizza night outside with the kids while you appreciate the beauty of your patio dining area. The lights, the privacy, and the sharing of a meal outdoors together are certainly going to make for some great memories.