6 Landscaping Ideas for Retaining Walls on a Slope in Upper Allen, PA

If your sloped property in Upper Allen, PA, requires retaining walls to keep it in shape, then you should use them to enhance the overall design of your landscaping. Devote a little time and creativity to your retaining walls and you will find that they achieve far more than holding back your slopes.

Create an Extravagant Entrance

Are you fortunate enough to have the entrance to your home perched on the peak of a slope? If so, this is a rare and exceptional landscape feature worthy of showcasing. Create stunning, sweeping steps and terrace the slope on either side. Natural stone can be used to achieve a staircase and system of walls that are beautiful and elegant without overpowering the home. Put your best foot forward when making planting choices on each terrace, as this extravagant slope will serve as an introduction to the rest of your property.

Enclose a Cozy Path

A pair of tall retaining walls can be used to flank a path that winds up a slope. This will enclose the path and make it feel more intimate. The retaining walls will also prevent soil from washing onto the path during heavy rains and will keep grass and ground cover at bay. Surround the path with ornamental trees, shrubs, and draping vines to make the area feel even more cozy and secluded.

Aim for a Small Amphitheater

Create a collection of curved retaining walls that are placed at regular intervals along the slope. Not only will they support and structure the hillside, but they will also provide casual and cozy seating from which to enjoy a firepit or spectacular view. A pair of closely situated walls that enclose a firepit can retain that amphitheater-like look and feel while ensuring close proximity to the fire feature’s heat and ambience.

Create Charming Walls and Benches

6 Landscaping Ideas for Retaining Walls on a Slope in Upper Allen, PA

A rustic or well-vegetated landscape can be accentuated by retaining walls composed of large, chunky boulders. These characterful walls add variation and texture to most concrete-heavy hardscape designs. They can even be shaped to serve as spacious benches, adorned with plush cushions to make them more comfortable. Retaining walls like these offer a captivating blend of natural and man-made elements. Pair your stone retaining wall with a relaxed stairway comprised of flagstone slabs and you have a winner.


Experiment with Metal

An aspect of steel with your retaining wall could show off a stunning patina that can visually warm a landscape design. Metal has a look particularly powerful look when paired with the cool gray hues in bare concrete. It can also be paired with large, rugged boulders for an interesting and unique design.

Find Natural Flair

Certain materials are absolutely timeless—natural stone being one of them. A natural retaining wall that appears to have organized and built itself never fails to impress. Opt for stacked slate for a classic yet elegant retaining wall that pairs beautifully with any surrounding greenery. Stones with a time-worn finish, whether authentic or artificial, will help to remove the man-made essence from a retaining wall. Allow moss to infiltrate and cover these stones to enhance their natural appearance.