8 Ideas for Creating a Functional Poolside Patio

Lounging by the poolside is a prime activity of summer, and your patio space can enhance the experience as much as possible. With a bit of foresight, you can arrange your patio to make your long days of summer even better. Incorporating a few of these patio ideas in Lower Paxton, PA, will leave you making memories with family and friends all summer long.


To fully enjoy your poolside patio, consider the need for privacy. Incorporating a fence, tree line, or other privacy-enhancing elements creates a private, enclosed space that can be enjoyed without worrying about nosy neighbors.


Storage Space

Fun in the pool comes with a variety of accessories. From pool toys to extra towels, you’ll require room for all of the extras that go along with pool enjoyment. Having convenient access to storage will make clean up in the evening easier while also easing preparations for different types of occasions. Add an area of rust-resistant hooks for air drying of wet towels, a space for guests’ belongings including bags or purses, and a bench that doubles as a trunk for comprehensive storage. Or include a full pool hut in your design to provide all of the above and more.

Lounge Seating

8 Ideas for Creating a Functional Poolside Patio in Lower Paxton, PA

While you might believe that your regular outdoor chairs work fine for your poolside patio, consider how much more your guests will enjoy a chaise lounge or other reclining seating. Being able to fully relax at your poolside is a must. Add a table to hold drinks and be sure to consider how many guests you anticipate hosting at any one time. Ensure that you have enough lounging spaces without over-cluttering your outdoor space. This can be done by include permanent seating in your pool area design.


Another obvious for your poolside patio is outdoor lighting. Incorporate these into your pool to set the mood for fun and be sure to include appropriate lighting for walkways, steps, and doorways. This element of your poolside is essential functionally but can make a substantial difference in the aesthetics of your nighttime landscape. Using a layered approach to your lighting design will ensure that you have every aspect covered from functional to aesthetic.



Regardless of the genre preferred, every lazy day spent poolside is made better by music. Instead of dragging out the boombox every time you make your way to the pool, include a functioning speaker system within your patio setup. With a plug and play setup, you can include your guests in the music selection while providing a high-quality sound ideal for you and your guests’ enjoyment.


Including adjustable shade in your patio area is an excellent option for those who plan to enjoy the poolside for an entire day. When the sun gets too bright for comfortable lounging, extending shade can bring the fun back into the day. Whether you add curtains, a pull-down shade, or an adjustable awning, consider shading during your patio design.


Dining Setup

You might also consider adding a dining area to your poolside. Enjoying a light meal at the pool can be a highlight of the summer, and designing this area is truly as simple as the placement of a nice bistro set on your patio space.

Easy Access to Plumbing and Filtering System

Finally, keep in mind the importance of easy access to plumbing and filtering for maintenance purposes. At some point in the future, your pool will require repair, and being able to access the vital elements of the system should be convenient.