Achieve Long-Term Drainage Performance with Masonry in Derry, PA

Water is a wonderful resource and a potentially damaging one. Without water, your plantings and lawn will fail to thrive, but with too much of it, your hardscape constructions are vulnerable to destruction. To protect your masonry within your landscape by achieving long-term drainage performance in Derry, PA, look to professional, practical, and creative solutions.

Professional Consideration of Grading, Elevation, and Slope

Achieve Long-Term Drainage Performance with Masonry in Derry, PA

A thorough and professional inspection of your landscape is essential to achieving long-term drainage performance. This baseline evaluation will identify trouble spots, come up with solutions for areas that require grading, sub-surface drainage, or above-ground masonry remediation. The solution should involve ironing out trouble spots while resolving potential drainage issues and maximizing aesthetic perfection. A retaining wall is one answer for holding back the potential loss of soil and redirecting water.

Elevation issues are common, whether you have a flat yard or one with a great slope. Any section that holds in water can drown grass and cause a domino effect on the foundation of your home. Finding the right method of drainage depends on the function and form most desirable for the particular problem and location.


Retaining Wall

A retaining wall serves to protect your landscape from erosion because of a significant slope. If it’s not installed correctly, it can lead to drainage issues. Expert landscape construction professionals will ensure that this water drains away from the masonry.

They will be sure to have the backside of the retaining wall protected by gravel that’s backfilled a minimum of one foot from the hardscape. A perforated pipe should be outfitted either within the wall itself or on the backside among the backfilled portion. The wall should also include weep holes to facilitate easy drainage.

Dry Creek Bed

Using stones to construct a dry bed is a time-tested method of dealing with areas prone to drainage difficulty. During times of high rainfall, the rest of the yard should flow to this area. It doesn’t only provide practical solutions to your drainage issues; it also provides a high degree of aesthetic satisfaction. Combined with a romantic bridge or some water-loving plantings, your landscape can work with the water while promoting beauty. For a bed and bridge that withstands the test of time and water, professional masons should be the one responsible for construction. They know how to direct flow and design constructions that work within the overall landscape scheme for unity and balance.


French Drain

For severe drainage problems, where water stands and could cause real damage, the French drain provides an effective solution. Standing water can wear away your lawn and destroy standing constructions, including your home. Make sure that water doesn’t stand around the foundation of your home, or you risk significant damage in the long run. A professionally installed French drain will wick water away from your property and to appropriate outlets.

Alternatively, modern landscaping encourages a green use of the water available by cycling it around for irrigation purposes. The method of drainage will depend on the extent of the situation and the area where it occurs, but regardless of the method, a professional will identify the right one and install it correctly for superior effectiveness and longevity.