Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Designer for Your Poolscape Project in South Middleton

A pool is the perfect way to create a resort-like experience in your South Middleton, PA, backyard. But a pool should be more than just a place to swim. A professional landscape designer can help you create the backyard paradise you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you prefer a clean, modern design or a lush, tropical landscape, hiring a landscape designer offers many benefits.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Designer for Your Poolscape Project in South Middleton PA


You probably have an idea of what your perfect backyard looks like. A professional landscape designer has the knowledge and skills required to help turn that vision into a reality. They can successfully combine all the different elements you want into a cohesive landscape.

Your pool will be the focal point of your yard, but a well-balanced landscape should include different elements. A landscape designer can help expand your living space with outdoor rooms and other features that will complement your pool. Including an outdoor kitchen and patio with a fireplace will create a complete outdoor living space that you can enjoy day and night.  

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A landscape designer will also consider things like traffic flow and the way in which you intend to use the area to create a plan that works for you and your family. A pool for a home with children will have a much different design than a lap pool in a modern landscape, for example.

Site Analysis

Creating the ultimate backyard oasis requires planning, expertise and skill. A landscape designer knows that a pool installation involves much more than just digging a hole. They will take your entire yard into consideration and work with the natural ecosystem. A landscape designer will address existing problems as part of the overall plan. Removing potential issues will create a long-lasting and problem free landscape.

Your Hummel’s Landscape, Inc. landscape designer has the knowledge to help select the right plants and materials for your yard. Including plants native to your region will help your landscape thrive with less maintenance. Their experience will ensure that all the components of your landscape work together and are able to withstand the conditions of your area.

A good site plan will also include irrigation and drainage systems. Knowing how water flows and is reabsorbed into a landscape is essential to prevent erosion and control water runoff.

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Project Management

Installing a pool is a big job with many stages. It requires scheduling, adhering to a budget, and troubleshooting. A landscape design/build company has the experience and expertise to help guide you through the various steps of such a large-scale project. Their experience with similar projects will help with budget planning and ensure you have realistic expectations. They can also help to create an accurate timeline and schedule for your project. Their knowledge will help avoid unexpected issues. Hiring a professional will help you realize your dream and achieve the best results for your poolscape project.

Design Expertise

If you want a specialized design that outshines a standard pool kit, a professional landscape designer can help you achieve that goal. They know what elements work together to create the look you want and what needs to be added to complete the design. A landscape designer will help create a beautiful overall landscape that meets your needs and appeals to your unique style.

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