Benefits of Including Sweeping Curves in your Landscape Design

Sweeping curves and meandering lines make for an alluring landscape feature and can be used to soften the look of a paved area, introduce a sense of movement, and contribute to a naturalistic design. Here are some reasons to consider adding this design style to your South Londonderry, PA, landscape remodel:

Make Long, Narrow Backyards Look Bigger and More Inviting

Sweeping curves that run the length or width of a yard can give the illusion of a larger design. On the other hand, a rectilinear layout can make a long, shallow backyard appear smaller and more narrow than it actually is.

To make a long, shallow backyard look bigger and more inviting, the edge of hardscapes can be designed with sweeping arcs. The shape can then be repeated for plant borders, resulting in a much more rhythmic and expansive look.

Make Full Use of Large Landscapes

Large landscapes can benefit from using generous, sweeping curves. The key is to use large, full curves that draw the eye throughout the property. Small, squiggly lines tend to become lost in the vastness of the space. These sweeping curves can also be used to draw attention to a magnificent view and help you capitalize on the natural scenery of your landscape.

Winding Walkways for a Natural Feel

Benefits of Including Sweeping Curves in your Landscape Design in South Londonderry, PA

Incorporating sweeping curves in a walkway design allows for a natural look and feel in your backyard. These walkways can engage guests and invite them to take a tour of the features of your landscape, wind around trees or shrubs that obscure the path ahead, and illicit a sense of mystery. The edges of a sweeping walkway design don’t have to run completely parallel – consider flared edges to allow better access to the path and create a bolder, more welcoming pathway.


Draw Attention and Provide Striking Visual Interest

A sweeping curve around a central feature attracts attention to it and provides striking visual interest for a simple design. For example, a semicircular seating wall encapsulating a circular fire pit, or accent pavers arranged around the pit in a loose spiral draws the eye and highlights the feature.

Sweeping Curves for Deeper, Fuller Plant Beds

Incorporating sweeping curves into the outline of plant beds causes the shapes to become softer, allowing for a more natural look. Curved plant beds also provide more ground area for plant growth than a straight edge.

Softens the Look of a Paved Expanse

Sweeping curves are excellent for softening the look of a paved expanse such as a patio. By incorporating a sweeping curve into the edge of the design, the shape immediately transforms into a more organic and gentler form. This also draws the eye's attention outward to the lush greenery in the surrounding landscape and further promotes the overall atmosphere of your outdoor spaces. The curved edge can be repeated in the design of other landscape features such as a circular fire pit, curved steps, or semi-circular permanent seating arrangements.