Boost Your Silver Spring, PA, Yard with These 4 Winter Landscape Design Tips

A plain, lifeless landscape can make the long winter months feel even longer. But a little planning can turn your Silver Springs, PA, yard into a winter wonderland. Adding color, texture, and vertical elements can create interest in your yard when plant life is lacking. Try some of these landscape design ideas to help make your landscape stand out during the winter months.

Add Color to a Lifeless Landscape

An all-white—or worse, all-brown—landscape looks dreary and lacks interest. But with the right plants, your yard can have year-round color. When creating a garden, our landscape designers take each different season into account. By including a variety of plants that flourish at different times, your garden will offer interest throughout the year.


Evergreen trees and shrubs are the backbone of winter landscape design. They can bring color, texture, and form to a frozen landscape. Different varieties offer hues ranging from golds to blues to deep greens, providing a range of year-round color. Plants with berries and seed heads will not only add color, but they also attract winter wildlife to your yard. Options such as holly bushes and crabapple trees will provide a boost of color when other plants have gone dormant.

Add More Depth and Dimension to Your Landscape

When planning a newly developed hardscape or revamp, it’s important to consider how permanent elements will affect flow and function. Features such as seating walls, raised planting beds, and water features each have a specific use in a summer landscape. But in the winter, they’re often unused and covered by a blanket of snow. Good landscape design will take all the seasons into consideration to ensure these elements add beauty and form all year long.

Features that add vertical interest to your landscape can become focal points in the winter. A deciduous tree with interesting branches creates a striking presence when surrounded by snow. And without the competition of colorful plant life, structures such as fireplaces and pergolas can take center stage on those winter days without snow. Then, when it does snow, these features can give shape to a yard blanketed by winter’s white powder.

Add Warmth to Enjoy Your Yard All Year Long

Boost Your Silver Spring, PA, Yard with These 4 Winter Landscape Design Tips

Adding heat and shelter can transform your winter landscape into an all-season escape. Outdoor heaters, fire features, and covered rooms create cozy destinations that allow you to enjoy your yard even in winter weather.

Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the ultimate way to enjoy your yard in the winter. A stone fireplace not only provides warmth but also makes a striking focal point. Add shelter and comfortable seating to create a welcoming outdoor room. A traditional fire pit provides warmth and a place to gather on a nice winter evening.

Make Winter Nights Sparkle with Outdoor Lighting

In the winter, days are shorter, and your landscape design is lost in the darkness for most of the evening. But the right outdoor lighting combined with a dusting of snow can make your landscape sparkle. To highlight a winter landscape, a combination of uplighting and moonlighting will create a magical ambiance.


Lights placed high in a tree aiming downward mimic the effect of natural moonlight and will create a soft glow on a snowy landscape. Placing lights at ground level and aiming them up toward trees and architectural features creates striking nighttime sparkles and a renewed focus on some of your landscape’s greatest assets.