Choosing Outdoor Furniture That Complements Your Harrisburg, PA, Landscape Design

Choosing the right outdoor furniture is the final decision you’ll have to make when it comes to your Harrisburg, PA, landscape design. It’s fun to pick the perfect seating arrangement for your newly laid paver patio or the just-right cushions for your new seating wall. You want furniture that’s durable and attractive, but that’s also comfortable enough to enjoy every day.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture

Your backyard should be a relaxing and welcoming escape that also serves as extended living space. Take a look at your landscape design as a whole before deciding what outdoor furniture will best suit your needs. How many different zones does your landscape design feature? Many landscapes have areas for dining, lounging, and socializing, and therefore require different furniture for each outdoor room.

Once you’ve decided on the right furnishings, be sure to measure your space carefully! Just because you want a six-person dining set doesn’t mean it will fit in the space allocated. Don’t forget to allow room for foot traffic—a key consideration if your new furnishings will go in front of a fire pit. Your outdoor living space should be as thoughtfully planned and functional as your interior rooms.

What Type of Outdoor Furniture Is Best?

Your outdoor furniture has to withstand the elements, so selecting pieces that function well in your climate is important. If your furniture stays outside year-round, durability should be one of your main concerns. Wrought iron, wood, and resin furnishings all offer good weather resistance and durability. Rattan, wicker, and aluminum are lightweight but less durable.

If you have space to store your furniture in the off-season, take your storage limitations into consideration when selecting your furniture. If space is tight, look for options that fold or stack neatly.


Making Color Choices

While size, durability, and style are all important factors, color is usually what we notice first. Look at the color and tone of your landscape features, such as patio stones, wood decking, and masonry elements, to determine which colors you may want to call out in your furniture choices.

To avoid a look that feels dated, opt for natural or neutral shades for furniture, and add on-trend color with accent pieces. Cushions, patio umbrellas, table linens, and outdoor carpets all bring color and texture to your yard and allow for easy style updates.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture That Complements Your Harrisburg, PA, Landscape Design

To create flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, carry the same color palette from the inside to the outside. Selecting the same base neutrals and coordinating accent colors will create continuity and a connection between the two sections of your property.

Complement Your Landscape Design

Look at your home’s architecture as well as your landscape design to help influence the style of your outdoor furniture. Is your backyard rustic or contemporary? Would elegant traditional furnishings complement your landscape design, or is your space more eclectic and bohemian? Once you have established your style or theme, you can start to narrow down your furniture choices.

As with interior décor, your outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be completely uniform or part of a matching set. Look for pieces that fit your style but that also add personality and a unique flair. You want your yard to match your tastes, not be an exact replica of the neighbors’.