Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Outdoor Grill Island in Upper Allen, PA

An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate way to expand your living space beyond your home. Before approving the design of your Upper Allen, PA, grill island, you’ll have to find the perfect location. Choosing the right location will make outdoor cooking and entertaining even more enjoyable. Consider these tips to help you select the perfect location for your outdoor grill island.

Proximity to Other Features

To select the ideal spot for your outdoor grill island, think about how it relates to other features on your property. Access to your indoor kitchen is important for transporting dishes and heavy trays of food back and forth. You want your outdoor kitchen to be close to the back entrance of your home. But not so close that smoke or smells from the grill will waft in through open windows.

An outdoor grill island should also be close to your outdoor dining room. This will make serving more convenient and will allow the cook to keep an eye on the next course while enjoying the food.

View Lines

When planning the location of your outdoor grill island, consider view lines from both inside and outside of the house. Avoid blocking views from rear-facing windows and doors.

You also want to consider the views for those using the kitchen. If you have a bar seating area, good placement will offer guests a view of your landscape, rather than a wall or hedge.  Ideally, the cook will be able to see out over the yard to not be left out of gatherings.

To screen views from nearby neighbors or those passing by, situate the grill island behind a hedge or structure.  

Location of Utilities

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Outdoor Grill Island in Upper Allen, PA

Utilities will transform an outdoor grill island from just a grill into a truly functional outdoor room. To reduce the cost of having utilities run to your outdoor kitchen, it’s important to choose a location where they will be accessible. A landscape professional can help you find out where utilities are located and help determine the most convenient location for your grill island.

Connecting gas lines means you will never run out of propane mid-meal, and you won’t have to worry about changing tanks. Running water in an outdoor kitchen will make food prep safer and clean-up much easier. Adding electricity will allow for convenient appliances such as a fridge and dishwasher. Electricity also means that you can have proper lighting installed, which increases safety and extends the hours that you can use your outdoor cooking area.  

Traffic Flow

Traffic flow and areas of use are both important considerations when designing a landscape. Your grill island should fit naturally into your landscape and not obstruct the flow of traffic around your yard.

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You will also want to ensure the safety of those using your backyard when planning where to place your grill island.  Hot cooking areas should be located well away from areas where children play.

Protection from the Elements

Shelter from the elements will help you make the most of your outdoor grill island. To create shade, situate cooking areas under a pergola. For full protection of the elements, a cabana will make your outdoor kitchen fully functional in almost any weather.

Consider wind patterns and try to avoid placing your grill island where smoke will blow towards windows or outdoor rooms. If you have a sloped landscape, your grill island shouldn’t be in the line of water run-off so that you can avoid wet floors and potential masonry damage.

Image courtesy of Unilock.