Choosing the Right Layout for Your Inground Swimming Pool in Upper Allen, PA

The shape of your inground swimming pool can play a great role in determining the aesthetic theme of your landscape. You should, therefore, have a clear vision for the look and purpose of your poolside space before construction begins. Here are some pointers for picking the perfect pool design in Upper Allen, PA: 

Contemporary class

Choosing the Right Layout for Your Inground Swimming Pool in Upper Allen, PA

Geometric shapes bear an element of simplicity that allow them to pair perfectly with contemporary homes with a minimalist look and feel. Consider a sleek rectangular lap pool to flank your modern glass home or chic stone siding. Smooth stone slabs can be used to form a wide stairway that descends into the pool, and the surrounding pavers can be chosen in a similarly refined style. Larger rectangular pools are also excellent candidates for large families, as they are the perfect shape to facilitate water sports. An L-shaped pool can offer a slightly new-age take on the classic rectangular shape we all know and love. The small lip of the ‘L’ can be made shallow for young kids to enjoy in safety. Alternatively, the additional segment can partially enclose a poolside patio filled with comfortable recliners. This shape is an excellent option for homeowners experiencing a scarcity of space, as it can be nestled inconspicuously into a corner of the landscape without appearing out of place. A contemporary pool design can be accentuated by water features, such as sleek waterfalls and small fountains, that add personality to the understated design. 


Cheeky curves 

Traditional homes with a family-friendly look and feel can be accentuated by a flexible pool, in a figure-eight formation, for example. A curvaceous pool offers a sense of fun and spontaneity to any landscape and can facilitate a wide range of aquatic activities. Consider a grading that provides a shallow area for children, and a deep area for able swimmers. You can also enhance the natural look and feel of your curved pool with a beach entry - a gradual descent into the shallow end of the pool to emulate the edge of a river, lake or the ocean. A simple beach entry can establish a strong tropical aesthetic theme in almost any landscape. The indentations on either side of your figure-eight pool can be utilized for tanning and poolside grilling. Alternatively, they can be filled with rock formations and plenty of shrubbery to mimic the appearance of a natural body of water. 


You could also opt for a single indentation in your curved pool, creating a comma-shaped perimeter instead. This may serve to be a more space-efficient solution for your landscape. This shape also draws more attention to the paved area that overlaps the pool, whether it is left bare or filled with comfortable recliners. This gentle shape is wonderfully versatile and pairs well with a range of architectural styles. 

Freeform fun

Gunite pools offer unbeatable freedom when it comes to their shape and size. Consider moulding your pool to the natural contours of your landscape, rather than conforming to a conventional design. This is an excellent way to integrate you own personality and creativity into the fabric of your landscape. This is an excellent option for homeowners with a natural, paradise-like vision for their backyard, as a freeform pool will most effectively emulate a natural body of water. These pools are also perfectly suited to homeowners with complex landscapes filled with indispensable permanent features, as the pool can be designed to curve around existing structures and weave throughout the landscape.

Image courtesy of Unilock.