Dealing with a Poor View? Five Landscaping Ideas for Upgrading Your View in Fairview, PA

One of the great things about a well-landscaped backyard is spending time outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery. But what do you do when you’re faced with an unsightly view? Whether you want to hide a bad view or to uncover a good one, there are many ways to improve the look of your landscape. Try some of these landscaping ideas to ensure that your Fairview, PA, backyard always includes great views!

Remove Obstacles for Better Views

Sometimes a great view is hidden by structures or large plants. Removing these obstacles can completely change the look of your landscape and reinstate lost views. You could have large trees cut down so that you could open up the landscape view beyond your property while also increasing sunlight in your yard.

Five Landscaping Ideas for Upgrading Your View in Fairview, PA

Relocating structures such as sheds and gazebos can also help open up views. With good planning, buildings can be rebuilt in more functional locations that help block unwanted sights. Our landscaping specialists can assess your property and make recommendations for the most effective ways to improve your views.

Don’t Neglect Landscape Maintenance

Like children, plants and trees continue to grow whether you’re ready for them to or not. Without regular trimming and pruning, trees and shrubs can become overgrown and unruly. An unkept landscape could make you unpopular with your neighbors and even reduce property values. To both improve the look of your landscape and open up your views, ensure that trees, bushes and plants are always well-maintained.

Create Attractive Screening with Plants

If you’re dealing an unpleasant view that’s not under your control, plants could be your salvation. They are a wonderful way to block poorly kept yards, rundown buildings, and other unsightly scenery. Consider a substantial hedge to cover a nearby wall or unattractive yard. A trellis with flowering vines would add color and texture to your landscape while blocking out an unpleasant view at the same time. Tall trees can help hide nearby buildings while also screening your yard from their occupants’ view. Adding a bush or shrub near a window can cover a bad view, create privacy, and allow you to keep the blinds open during the day.


Add Structure

Consider incorporating more structures to your landscape. There are a multitude of functional and attractive ways to upgrade your yard with wood and masonry features. A masonry fireplace provides an attractive structure that can increase privacy and block an unsightly sight. A fireplace also offers the added bonus of extending your outdoor season and creating a popular gathering place.

Wooden structures offer excellent design flexibility and are easily adapted to any landscape style. A pergola or cabana adds form and function to your yard while also providing shelter from the elements. Not only are these structures functional and attractive, with proper placement, they can also block unwanted views. Adding lattice or vertical slats to your pergola will increase shade protection and make a more substantial structure. Climbing vines could also help fill in your pergola and add eye-catching color to your yard.


Create Levels

If you have a steep grade on your property, a terraced landscape can help solve a number of problems. It will help stop soil erosion and improve your views by making your landscape more attractive. A terraced landscape also offers the opportunity to create an elevated seating area that makes the most of great views.