Functional Permanent Seating Ideas for Your South Middleton Patio

Adding permanent seating to your South Middleton patio is a practical decision that can help create an uncluttered look while providing additional seating to accommodate large groups. And with a professional design plan, you can ensure that your seating area is optimally placed and looks fantastic too. Here are some functional permanent seating ideas for your patio design:

Seat Wall Around a Fire Pit

Functional Permanent Seating Ideas for Your South Middleton Patio

A seat wall is a low wall that acts as a bench. Built between 18 to 30 inches in height, this type of built-in seating has a comfortable flat top and is designed to offer comfort to the user.

A built-in seating area can add sophistication and convenience to a fire pit area, ensuring that attractive, comfortable seating is always near at hand. U-shaped seating spots are great for small gatherings as they tend to create an intimate ambiance with a modern touch. Simple low pillars are also great for creating a minimalist look and are suitable for smaller spaces.

If your fire pit is circular by design, it can be enclosed by semi-circular seating. Straight seating walls are more convenient for square fire pits.

For optimal results, the wall unit should match your backyard design. Consult a professional to make sure your seating area is constructed at an optimal distance of the fire pit and in line with the architectural conventions of your home. Add some backing to provide back support and ensure that your guests remain comfortable during long, relaxing evenings enjoying your fire feature.

This style of seating can be similarly used around a fountain or other water feature, or on their own to create a simple conversation spot.

Conversation Pit with Sunken Seating

60’s style conversation pits offer a unique permanent seating arrangement that is sure to give your patio that wow factor! This feature utilizes seating below floor level to create a private and intimate conversation area.

The biggest benefit of a sunken seating area is how visually unobtrusive it is, allowing you to save space, reduce the amount of furniture needed for your patio and maintain visual flow throughout the patio. This is a long-lasting option that perfectly suits modern areas, while adding character and color. Conversation pits can also be designed to accommodate fire features. If accessibility is a concern, consider the addition of a step or two to aid easy access to the area. Or have the arrangement placed at the edge of the patio so that the conversation pit is only partially inset into the patio surface.

Built-in Benches with Wooden Slats

A comfortable surface is essential for a successful permanent seating design. While concrete or natural stone coping can offer a fine, honed surface and rounded edge, many homeowners prefer the warmth and richness provided by wood. Wooden slats can be incorporated into permanent seating to provide additional comfort and reduce the need for extra cushions and pillows. Wood remains relatively cool in summer and warm in winter, so is ideal for seating.