Highlighting Important Features in Your Silver Spring, PA, Backyard with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting creates atmosphere and drama in a night-time landscape. It’s also one of the best ways to increase safety and security in your yard. If your Silver Spring, PA, backyard is perfect during the day, but lacking usability at night, it’s time to add landscape lighting. Hummel’s Landscape Inc.’s experienced landscape professionals can transform your backyard into a striking and functional outdoor space after the sun goes down. 

Light Up Walkways

Our first priority when creating a landscape lighting plan is the safety of those using your yard. Creating well-lit paths, walkways, stairs and entrances will ensure that everyone can move about your property safely at night. But just because pathway lighting is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful. A properly lit walkway creates a romantic atmosphere and encourages travel to different zones of your yard.

Highlighting Important Features in Your Silver Spring, PA, Backyard with Landscape Lighting

Walkway lights are available in a wide range of different styles. Standard options include lanterns, lamps and post lights. Path lights generally sit 12 to 18 inches above the ground, creating soft pools of light. Most paths lights feature LED or solar powered lights, making them energy efficient as well as functional.

Step lights and tread lights provide just the right amount of light where you need it most. These small, low-profile lights can be mounted on walls beside stairs, or on the front of stair risers. They create light at foot level and help avoid harsh light that shines in people’s eyes.

Illuminate Water Features

Landscape lighting has a dramatic impact on water features. Good lighting increases safety and allows you to make the most of your water features at night. It also provides ambiance and creates points of interest in a dark landscape. The best lighting for water features includes light from sources both above and below the water.

When lighting a water feature from above, we try to avoid direct light that can cause glare. Placing lights in trees that shine down on the landscape surrounding a water feature generates the appearance of natural moonlight.

Underwater lighting creates a beautiful night time effect. The even glow of well-placed lights creates a striking focal point in your yard and provides overall light for night time swimming. LED lighting systems are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to create different moods with your underwater lighting.


Add Ambiance to Outdoor Rooms

Adding lighting to an outdoor room extends your time outdoors and provides a place to gather in the evenings. But lighting an outdoor room requires careful planning. You want enough light so people can see obstacles and each other, while avoiding harsh light that puts your outdoor rooms on display. 

Adding lights under coping on masonry walls creates a grazing effect that highlights the texture of the stonework while providing background lighting. If your outdoor room has a roof, this provides an opportunity to be more creative with your lighting. Pendant lights, or even chandeliers, provide stylish lighting options for covered outdoor dining rooms. 


Feature Special Plants

Landscape lighting allows you to appreciate prized greenery at night, as well as during the day. Uplighting creates striking focal points by highlighting trees and shrubs from below. When used on groupings of plants, it can help define areas of your yard.

Silhouetting and shadowing emphasize interesting shapes in your landscape. Placing a light source behind plants creates a dramatic shadow or silhouette, depending on the direction of the light.

Image courtesy of Unilock.