How a Landscape Designer Can Add Curb Appeal with Stunning Entry Walkways and Edging Plants

Adding curb appeal to your South Londonderry, PA, property could involve replicating the welcoming and homey atmosphere of your interior to your front landscape. Stunning entry walkways combined with edging plants are one way to accomplish an inviting effect. A landscape designer could provide you with ideas on how these additions could make a big difference to what people see when they first lay eyes on your property.  

Safe, Beautiful, and Durable Walkways

Because entry walkways are the primary way to your home, they leave the very first impression on your guests and the neighbors that passing by.

Nothing speaks a welcoming atmosphere better than high-quality walkways that are safe for walking and gorgeous for looking. A professional landscape designer has the skills and creativity required to build walkways that will make your front entry stand out.


Paver flooring walkways or natural stone walkways are common choices that a landscape designer could use to enhance curb appeal. Both materials are weather-resistant and sturdy, and a landscape designer will help you choose the right one for your budget and the look of your landscape.

Pavers come in a wider range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and could be used for numerous designs, whether you’re looking to add a contemporary, simple, antique, or dramatic touch to the front entry. Natural stone walkways could add a natural and rustic touch to the landscape.

How a Landscape Designer Can Add Curb Appeal with Stunning Entry Walkways and Edging Plants  

A landscape designer would ensure that the walkways are installed correctly and properly to last for years to come. Walkways need to be carefully constructed in order to provide stability and support to your family and your many visitors.

Edging Plants for a Revitalizing Touch

Edging plants are commonly used for styling walkways. They add to the allure of a high-quality, well-constructed walkway, especially at night when outdoor lighting could accentuate the way forward in a practically magical fashion. Without edging plants, walkways may not seem as noticeable.

To make walkways look exquisite, you could choose edging plants that complement your style and front entry. There is a wide range of edging plants used for this effect, including bushy plantings and ornamental grasses, or more subtle yet pretty flowers. The chosen plants will depend on their hardiness—you’ll need them to withstand the range of weather conditions your property experiences year-round.


A landscape designer would know which edging plants are suitable for your entry walkways as well as how to create the look that matches your taste and needs. For example, you might want your walkways to be bordered with greenery to create sophistication. Or you might want shrubs for a more private entry and colorful flowers that spread fragrance all the way to your home. Some edging plants could soften the edges of walkways, whereas others could make these paths look dramatic.

Options for installing and styling walkways are numerous, but with the help of Hummel’s Landscape Inc., your home’s curb appeal could be greatly upgraded.