How to Create a Modern Aesthetic Landscape Design for Your Hummelstown, PA, Outdoor Living Space

A modern landscape design leads you to a landscape that will reflect your tastes. The key themes are geometric designs, simplicity, and sustainability. Here is how to create a modern aesthetic landscape design in Hummelstown, PA.


How to Create a Modern Aesthetic Landscape Design for Your Hummelstown, PA, Outdoor Living Space

As people are becoming more conscious of the impact their landscape can have on the local aquifers, many are turning to xeriscaping as a way to be more ecologically mindful. Xeriscaping is landscaping strategy that requires little or no irrigation. It involves more sparsity in plantings than you’d find in a traditional landscape design. And its main feature, aside from drought-tolerant plants, is rocks. River rock serves to add texture while at the same time offering a simplicity and stark beauty that cannot be achieved with mulched gardens.

Geometric Designs

Modern landscapes are characterized by deliberate use of geometric shapes that provide a simple, clean-lined aesthetic—they serve to draw the eye and define spaces. For example, a runway-straight path leads to a circular seating area defined by low limestone walls, or a series of square pavers set in turf lead to a rectangular pool deck.

Plant Selections

Modern plantings take into account the shape, size, and color of plants. Reeds, ornamental grasses, Japanese maples, boxwood, cedar, and succulents are often used, when climates allow, in modern landscaping. A popular method is to create a grid pattern using large pavers, with small square gardens breaking up the lines. Within these gardens, softer-looking plants such as ornamental grasses are loosely planted to give warmth to the landscape.


A Bit of Zen

Modern life can be hectic and busy—so a backyard can become a zen retreat where you can unplug from your worries in a tranquil setting.

To create a zen-like atmosphere, you could incorporate still water (a reflecting pool or koi pond) or running water (a stream or waterfall) for a sense of serenity. Muted colors tend to be the preferred choice, rather than bright pops of color. Opt for evergreens that maintain their color all year.

You could also add focal points such as an area with raked sand or stone with a few ornamental rocks, succulents, lanterns, or statues. Privacy walls, bamboo privacy fencing, or hedges give a sense of enclosure, while having a place to sit is a must, whether it’s a stone bench, a perfectly flat rock, or a set of comfortable chairs.


Everything in Its Place

Modern homes offer a sense of minimalism even for homeowners with a lot of possessions. Everything has a place, and everything is in its place—and largely out of sight. There is no clutter in a modern home, and it’s the same in the landscape. Plants become features within clearly defined, simple, and tidy spaces free of excess furniture.

Natural and Industrial

Blending the natural and the industrial works exceptionally well in modern settings. Oiled wood, rusted steel, limestone, and concrete mesh perfectly to create inviting seating areas, privacy, and texture.

Landscape Lighting

The shape of low-voltage outdoor light fixtures is important. Bronze or stainless fixtures come in many shapes to complement a home’s architecture. They can become sculptural pieces that belong in the landscape during the day, while providing exactly the right quality of light at night.