How to Incorporate an Outdoor Shower into Your South Londonderry, PA, Landscape Design

Homeowners in South Londonderry, PA, are increasingly finding ways to bring the inside of the home, outside. The shower is no exception. An outdoor shower, properly incorporated as part of well-thought-out landscape design, offers both a private and luxurious experience under the open blue sky.


How to Incorporate an Outdoor Shower into Your South Londonderry, PA, Landscape Design  

If you have a pool or hot tub, there is no question why you’re thinking about having an outdoor shower incorporated into your yard. An outdoor shower is initially considered as a wash-off area to remove dirt or pool chemicals. But it need not be a crudely installed cold-water-running addendum to a pool or hot tub. A fully functioning, expertly designed, and installed outdoor shower is a true luxury. Plus, it’s a luxury that does not cost an arm and a leg, adds value to your home, and can help create a truly impressive yard.


Privacy is definitely paramount when incorporating an outdoor shower into your yard. There’s no point having an outdoor shower if you can’t feel comfortable while using it. An outdoor shower should be tucked away but not completely out of view, because it is, ideally, both a functional and visual addition to your landscape. For maximum privacy, a shower can be walled on all sides with windows placed at eye level for light and a view of the outside. Slatted walls and planters can also provide a surprising amount of privacy. 


The best location for an outdoor shower is typically a spot that allows for both privacy and a great view. Depending on your needs, it might make sense to put the outdoor shower close to the home. Because users will usually be barefoot, thought should be given to how they’ll access the outdoor shower. A paved or stone walkway might be necessary for easy access and to prevent tracking dirt or grass clippings into the home. Additionally, easy access is a necessity if the shower will be used year-round, to minimize the time spent in the cold when exiting or entering the shower. 


The best outdoor showers get a significant amount of direct sunlight. This creates a truly indulgent shower experience, while preventing mold and rot from occurring. If your shower will have both cold and hot water, it will likely need to be located fairly close to the home to prevent pipes from freezing and for access to a hot water tank. Drainage is another factor that might determine the location of your outdoor shower.

Design and Material

Your landscape professional will make sure that the shower is built and insulated properly and made from appropriate weatherproofed material. The higher the quality of the material used to build the shower, the less maintenance it will need. Stainless steel, copper, and bronze are hardy and long-lasting materials that are commonly used. 

As for looks, the most aptly designed outdoor shower blends seamlessly with the home and other structures on the property. An outdoor shower can also be easily equipped with elements that allow it to blend with the natural environment. Warm wood tones and natural stone create a meditative and calming space. An outdoor shower can also be a kind of oasis, surrounded by lush greenery. Depending on the space you would like devoted to an outdoor shower, a luxury bath, or cascading water features might be considered, for an ultimate outdoor getaway.