How to Personalize Your Upper Allen, PA, Outdoor Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to your Upper Allen, PA backyard. An outdoor kitchen will expand your living space and increase the value of your home. It also turns your yard into a great spot for outdoor entertaining. Contact Hummel’s Landscape Inc. for a custom outdoor kitchen that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

How to Personalize Your Upper Allen, PA, Outdoor Kitchen Design

Careful planning and good design will ensure that your outdoor living space meets all of your needs. When thinking about your future outdoor kitchen, it’s important to consider how you will use your the space. You’ll get more enjoyment out of your kitchen if it fits your lifestyle and appeals to your personal preferences.
Factors such family size, how often you entertain, and the style of your landscape can all influence the design of your kitchen. The number of appliances you wish to include will help dictate the size of the kitchen. Be sure that you have enough space to accommodate all the appliances on your wish list. 


Appliances for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens offer great design flexibility. They provide the opportunity to include specialty appliances that you might not have in your indoor kitchen. Think beyond the grill and select appliances that complement your lifestyle.
If you enjoy getting together for drinks with friends, include a bar fridge or wine cooler in your kitchen. If your family loves homemade pizza, a pizza oven will provide the opportunity to cook your favorite dish right in your own backyard. A smoker is a popular choice for an outdoor kitchen because it allows you to make delicious, slow-cooked, smoked food without smelling up the house.
If convenience is a priority, consider a warming oven and a dishwasher to round out your kitchen appliances. A warming oven makes it easy to serve entire meals outdoors, and a dishwasher will make clean-up a breeze.


Selecting Materials

You can also tailor the materials of your outdoor kitchen to match your landscape style. Floor surfaces, countertops, grill islands and seating walls all provide opportunities for customization.
Consider the finish and style of your home and other hardscaping elements when selecting the materials for your outdoor kitchen. Wood and natural stone will create a rustic kitchen, while granite countertops and smooth pavers provide a more modern look. Choose a classic brick kitchen to complement a traditional home and landscape.

Add Seating

To really personalize your outdoor space to meet your needs, the right amount of seating will need to be added. If you plan to host large dinner parties or have family dinners outside, a dining table with plenty of seating is a must. If your kitchen is the hub for your summer pool parties, include a bar in your design to always have chilled drinks on hand. Or add comfortable chairs and a fireplace to create a cozy space for intimate meals.

Create Shelter

We can’t control the weather, but we can ensure that it won’t ruin your summer fun! Including shelter from the elements will make your outdoor kitchen functional in almost any weather.
A pergola or retractable canopy will create shade from the hot summer sun. For complete shelter from the elements, opt for a fully covered kitchen. A cabana will extend the length of your outdoor cooking season and allow you to cook outside, rain or shine.  
A hedge or fence will provide shelter from the wind, as well as screening your kitchen from neighboring views. A fireplace works double duty to create shelter from the wind while adding heat to keep you warm in cooler weather. 

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