Ideas for the Landscape Around your Inground Swimming Pool in Fairview, PA

Great landscape design will elevate the look of your entire property. When it comes to your Fairview, PA, home’s inground swimming pool, you want the best design for aesthetic, leisure, and functional purposes. Here are some top ideas for the landscape around your inground swimming pool:

Backyard Escape

As you know, Fairview gets its fair share of rain. While the US average is 39 inches of rain per year, your Fairview property gets about 43 inches per year. This makes it a perfect spot for creating a lush and thriving softscape. Though you may be tempted to go with the bright and colorful approach to plant-life, leave that for a tropical look – which we’ll get into later. Instead, consider a series of “greens” for your softscape-framed pool. Trellises or poles with climbing vines, and hedges, for example, create a serene poolside atmosphere.


Shape Determines Style

Ideas for the Landscape Around your Inground Swimming Pool in Fairview, PA  

The shape of your inground swimming pool can be used as a template of sorts, to determine the kind of look you might want for the landscape, or vice versa. For example, if you have a freeform pool, which generally has an irregular outline and can conform to the area’s natural lines and curves, consider letting the pool fall in line with the landscape. What this means is that the pool can follow the landscape as is, or if structures are already present, the pool itself can curve around them. These pools fit well with more elaborate landscape designs with bright colors and plants with a wide range of shapes and textures. With a geometric pool, on the other hand, clean lines are key, so your landscape design can be built around that to maintain a minimalist feel. Consider sleek pavers boasting a similar style to surround the pool and for the stairs that lead down to the pool area. Neat perimeter walls with strong horizontal lines can also be considered for this sort of minimalist modern style.


Spa Days At Home

To pamper yourself in style, without having to leave your home, consider having your poolside landscape set up like a spa retreat. A seating area with a fabric covered pergola, can house your spa bed and other seating for in-house massage and relaxation. A Jacuzzi near the pool area is great, even in the winter, as it not only relaxes, but will keep you warm despite the Fairview chill. White and soft pastel colors are good for inducing relaxing thoughts and feelings, and can be used as the color theme for your personal outdoor spa.

A Tropical Setting

A tropical setting doesn’t have to mean palm trees and coconuts. However, you can emulate this style with bursts of color featured amidst strong architectural and/or furniture design. Imagine a summer retreat on an island, with prominent pool tiles in rich shades, uncovered and covered seating areas, and potted plants strategically placed in elaborate stone pots. Hummel’s Landscape Inc can bring this vision to life to create your personal island getaway.

Rocks to Enhance

Bring an even more natural look to your inground pool area with large rocks or boulders, to create more texture in the landscape. Rocks and boulders can set the stage for stunning water features. For example, you can have rock waterfalls created from your existing set up, or leave out the diving board, in favor of a “diving rock” to add to the overall look and feel of the area.