Illuminate Your Outdoor Dining Area with LED Landscape Lighting in Lebanon County PA

The shift in favour of LED lighting is one of the most significant changes in landscape lighting that has occured in the past few years. LED lights provide the same level of brightness and intensity as halogen and incandescent lights, but consume far less energy and incur fewer maintenance and replacement costs. These lights are available in a variety of warm and cool colors to suit an even wider array of landscape designs. Here are a few stylish ways in which you can incorporate LED lights into your Lebanon County, PA, landscape this year:

Decorative light fixtures with personalized flair

Decorative lights often don’t contribute a lot of light to outdoor rooms. However, they add plenty of character. Paper lanterns, as an example, don’t brighten up a room much, but can create a lovely asian ambience. Consider pairing these lanterns with wood, ornamental grasses and water features surrounded by reed-like plants. LED fairy lights can be woven through the branches of nearby trees for a festive or romantic look and feel. Lanterns and repurposed mason jars can be hung from trees and overhead pergolas for a relaxed, bohemian look. Decorative lights like these can be used to display your unique artistic flair and personality, making your outdoor design more memorable.

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Sleek, functional lighting

Illuminate Your Outdoor Dining Area with LED Landscape Lighting in Lebanon County PA

Decorative lights are excellent candidates for creating ambience and character within an outdoor room. Proper lighting is required, however, in order to ensure that your dining area is safe to navigate after dark. Avoid angling light fixtures directly at seating areas, as garish light can leave you feeling exposed and uncomfortable. However, a dining table should be sufficiently lit to be able to see the food clearly. Any storage space should also be well-lit in order to make locating items easier. LED lights can be nestled in dark spots, such as under the lower edge of a dining table or underneath any nearby counters. Strip lights placed in these areas provide a chic, modern appearance and won’t overpower the rest of the design.  Ensure that all walkways leading to your outdoor dining area are also well-lit, but avoid a rigid design by planting fixtures at irregular intervals.

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Exploit the aesthetic potential of retaining walls

Retaining walls are often used to mark the boundaries of specific outdoor rooms. They are also constructed to serve as casual seating space, and may be concentrated around a fire pit or other prominent landscape feature. Consider embedding lights into these retaining walls, and make your outdoor dining area appear larger by illuminating its outer boundaries. These lights can be downturned, or obtained in a lower intensity, to ensure that they provide soft, understated lighting. Should your retaining walls be dressed with an attractive veneer, their illumination could transform them into focal points of your outdoor dining area. Selecting a focal point for your outdoor dining area will help to personalize its design and make it more memorable.

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Create focal points with spotlighting

Narrow, focused lighting can highlight specific features within a particular landscape or outdoor room. This has a dramatic visual effect and adds a unique element to the design of the room. Consider placing up-turned LED lights at the base of a water feature, sculpture or ornate plant for an eye-catching focal point.