Improve Your Lewisberry, PA, Home's Curb Appeal With the Perfect Landscape Design

You always want your landscape to look its best. Some homebuyers will pass on a house without bothering to look inside based solely on the home’s lack of curb appeal. You wouldn’t want the look of your landscape to hold back sellers from being interested in your Lewisberry, PA, home. But even if you’re not selling and simply want a more welcoming vibe when visitors come by, you could adopt these tips on how to improve your home’s curb appeal and achieve the perfect landscape design.

A Welcoming Walkway

Improve Your Lewisberry, PA, Home's Curb Appeal With the Perfect Landscape Design

The right walkway is like a welcoming hand that extends toward you, embraces you, and guides you into the house—unlike a cracked, overgrown, and weedy concrete walkway. Beautiful walkway pavers would give a new level of sophistication to your home.


Foundation Plantings

Narrow strips of evergreen shrubs tightly planted against the foundation could look dated. A more creative approach would be to mix evergreen and deciduous shrubs, trees, flowers, and ground cover. Extend your foundation plantings 6-8 feet out and add luxuriously curved beds, varying height plants, and enough color variety to be interesting without being busy.

Symmetry and Asymmetry

Symmetry makes a home feel more formal and put together. Asymmetry gives a casual and carefree vibe. Make a home feel more formal by adding symmetrical plantings, or create a more informal vibe with asymmetrical flower beds, more seemingly randomly placed trees, and meandering walkways.

Masonry Garden Walls

Low garden walls add instant appeal to your home. They define spaces, guide visitors, and offer a place to sit and relax. The garden arrangements give visitors something to admire. Garden walls look stunning at night when their textures are illuminated. Choose materials that complement the home’s architectural style to create a unified space.


Landscape Lighting

Good landscape lighting is crucial when it comes to creating a welcoming feeling after dark. Make a great first impression with a well-lit path that offers a sense of security and a navigable landscape. Today’s low-voltage lighting options offer many ways to get creative with light. Use low downlighting to softly illuminate walkways; spotlights and uplights for drama and to brighten dark corners; and lights built into steps and garden walls to highlight textures while providing safety.

Landscape Care

A healthy lawn and plants invite staying awhile and enjoying the views. Consider a durable layer of gravel mulch in your garden areas rather than wood chips, which get scattered in the wind and need frequent replacing. Getting on a regular mowing, weeding, watering, and fertilizing schedule will keep your landscape looking its best.

A Good Trimming

Overgrown shrubs and trees with dead limbs could make your home look scary. Regular pruning prevents branches from blocking views, including drivers’ views at the end of the driveway. Ensure that address numbers are visible, and keep an eye on shrub growth for plantings near the driveway or walkway.

A Welcoming Drive

Give your driveway a sophisticated look with permeable pavers, which are not only gorgeous but eco-friendly and durable. Permeable driveways come in a variety of styles and colors to complement your home’s aesthetic. They allow rain and snowmelt to seep through the pavers systems and prevent excess runoff.  


Create a comforting feel by adding living fences or slat-board fences that shield the home from neighbors or block unattractive views.