Improving Flow Between Outdoor Living Spaces in Your PA Backyard

Flow and accessibility are crucial to a Fairview, PA, landscape design that is easy to use and pleasing to the eye. A smooth, easy flow between outdoor spaces, or between the indoors and outdoors, is what gives a design that feeling of curated openness that is so sought after by homeowners. Here are some practical ways you can improve the flow between your outdoor living spaces in PA.

Upgrade Deck Stairs

If you have a raised deck design, installing wide, gradually sloping steps achieves flow with other outdoor spaces. Where a narrow, steep staircase tends to constrict the area and make moving from the area to a lower level feel more halted, a wide staircase that slopes gently to the space below can create a sense of openness and a more relaxed ambience. The same applies to steps that link other outdoor areas of varying levels.


Install an Ornamental Arbor

An ornamental arbor creates an entry that is a physical focal point of the landscape. It frames a vista of the yard, extending an invitation to enter. Using recognizable human scale features such as arbors, doors, and benches contributes to flow as well as a uniformity of scale.

A Sunken Conversation Pit

A sunken conversation pit adds a one-of-a-kind design into your outdoor spaces and also maximizes the amount of available space. By limiting the use of vertical structures that stop the eye, a sunken pit adds to the flow of the area. This opens up the space for design and can be complemented with the addition of a fire pit as a focal point. This, in turn, creates a truly communal space that encourages conversation and togetherness.


Play With Shapes

Improving Flow between Outdoor Living Spaces in Your Fairview PA Backyard

Using unconventional shapes in your landscape design can lead to some surprising visual effects and contribute to more seamless transitions from one area to another. A standard square or rectangle may not achieve flow, but experimenting with circular or curved designs can add to a more naturally flowing and organic design. Freeform shapes can also be used to add curves that resonate with the natural contours of your yard. Curves can be incorporated into the edges of your hardscape for a softer transition from pavers to lawn, into the design of your retaining wall system for a more natural look, or in your walkways to create a more free flowing path from one area to another. Flaring the edges of your walkways using curves can further facilitate a more laidback flow.

Separate Areas Using Borders or a Change of Paver Laying Patterns

Rather than using vertical structures to separate your outdoor areas, less obvious methods can be used to contribute to better accessibility and flow. Incorporating border pavers around areas designated for different functions can help to achieve this. A simple change in the laying pattern or direction of the laying pattern of your pavers will also suffice. To further prevent the eye from being halted as it moves across the surface, large format pavers or a randomized laying pattern can be used.