Incorporating Low-Maintenance Softscapes for Your Derry, PA, Landscaping

Year-round beauty with low-maintenance requirements are common landscaping goals. To achieve the landscape that you envision, your softscape choices make all the difference. By incorporating low-maintenance softscapes into your Derry, PA, landscaping while prioritizing a mix of plants that provide constant color, fit within your planting scheme, and provide a variety of textures and heights, your landscape professional can help you meet your landscaping goals.

Choose Options That Will Thrive

Incorporating Low-Maintenance Softscapes for Your Derry, PA, Landscaping

With proper care, native plants will prosper in your landscape, and some plants that aren’t necessarily native but are acclimated to the area will thrive as well. Softscape experts who know your area and what plants and flowers fall within Derry’s hardiness zone can help you make wise choices so that you’ll have flourishing plantings and not an expanse of disappointments in your landscape. Important details to note about each option include water needs, sunlight needs, and soil needs; those requirements largely dictate the best placement for each plant, indicating whether they would best fit for your shaded garden, sloping hillside, or sunny plant bed.



The primary way to make sure that your softscapes are both low-maintenance and gorgeous is to include perennials. These plantings return year after year and come in many different varieties. The number of options available means that you’ll find no shortage of ways to include color; early, mid, and late season bloomers; and various appropriate planting locations.

A small sample of perennial flowers that would do well in your area include:

  • Daylilies

  • Lavender

  • Black eyed Susans

  • Delphiniums

  • Peony

  • Russian sage

Ornamental Grasses

For added height, a natural aesthetic, and easy care, many landscape professionals embrace the use of ornamental grasses. These softscape options provide a backdrop for planting beds and an answer to the height variable and texture demands while creating aesthetic depth within the landscape design. As with perennial flowers, ornamental grasses vary in terms of growing needs and textures, so you’ll find the guidance of a landscape professional to be an indispensable aid.


Consider these options for Derry landscapes:

  • Blue grama

  • Buffalo grass

  • Switchgrass

  • Needlegrass

Ground Cover

The ground cover for your landscape might be an afterthought. Often used as the base layer of planting beds or to stem erosion on a steep hill, ground cover generally grows quickly and spreads without much oversight or interference. They also provide many of the same benefits as mulch, such as preventing dehydration of soil and providing protection from wildflower and weed seeds. The right ground cover can make sure that brilliant color remain a viable portion of your landscape easily.

Options that grow well in your area include:

  • Creeping thyme

  • Violets

  • Purple wintercreeper

  • Juniper

Choose a Combination Driven Toward Depth

A low-maintenance landscape relative to your softscape choices and design can require a great deal of planning. Your plantings should vary in height, providing a three tiers of growth within each grouping. They should also provide consistent blooming, so you should have different softscapes that bloom at different periods planned within your landscape. Texture and structure are also key elements to consider. Paying attention to all of these elements will manifest a well-rounded landscape that provides bountiful and beautiful softscapes without requiring loads of care for your landscape once it’s established.