Inground Pool Coping: Selecting Masonry Materials in Fairview, PA

Pool coping acts as a protector and a robust accenting material for pools in Fairview, PA. This defining edge around the pool should be constructed from quality masonry materials. There are various types of material suitable for pool coping, so you’ll want to know the pros and cons of your options, to help you find the one that best suits your property.

Making a Choice

Pool coping comes in an abundance of materials including natural stone (such as limestone), concrete pavers, tiles, brick, and poured concrete. Each material presents a variety of colors, visually appealing textures, and patterns that lead to countless options regarding style and design.

It is essential to choose a non-slip material to avoid injuries, and it is recommended to stay away from darker materials because they can get quite heated if exposed to sunlight. Once installed, the pool coping should be sealed to protect the material from damage and staining.


Natural Stone Coping

If you are after a signature, high-end look, natural stone will fit your taste. It’s a way to add texture, charm, and character to the pool, while creating an incredibly natural look.

Inground Pool Coping: Selecting Masonry Materials in Fairview, PA

Coping tends to be the most visible element of the pool, so it essential to have a consistent thickness. Limestone offers elegance, granite creates a sophisticated appearance, sandstone resembles the look of sand, while slate comes in various shades from dark gray to blue, black, brown, and green. If you are looking for a classy, versatile option that will last forever, granite may be your best choice. Natural stone materials are very porous, so it is important that they are sealed properly.

Concrete Pavers Coping

Concrete pavers are another durable option that offers plenty of advantages compared to other materials. Concrete pavers are manufactured using advanced technologies, which makes them versatile, flexible, and resistant to fading. They result in a non-slip surface that won’t crack or split. Concrete pavers are dense and nonporous, come in a variety of color, finishes, and textures. They can be laid in various patterns, to create a pretty consistent look resembling natural stone or brick, or they could offer an entirely new, unique look.

Precast and Poured Concrete Coping

Concrete is considered a more affordable option and is available in several colors. Both precast concrete and poured concrete can be used for pool coping. However, precast concrete and poured concrete don’t handle cold climates as well as natural stone or concrete pavers and run some risk of cracking or splitting. Some homeowners view this material as lacking the character and beauty offered by other coping options.


Consult a Professional

Learning about the variety of pool coping materials can be overwhelming, even if this is not your first time hearing about pool coping. So, it will be beneficial to consult a professional landscape company to help you decide. Our expert team at Hummel’s Landscape Inc. can help you find the best solution for your pool. With more than two decades in the business, our team will provide personalized design, installation, and maintenance services of your pool and surrounding landscape. Proper installation of quality materials expands the longevity of the coping and increases the value of your home.