Inground vs. Above-Ground Pool for your South Middleton Backyard

The design of your pool can make a tremendous impact on the look of your South Middleton, PA, backyard, and there are many things to consider when choosing between inground and above-ground pools. While above-ground pools may offer convenience in some aspects, inground pools offer a more sophisticated, classic design that can be customized to suit your preferences and landscape style. Here are some of the key differences between inground and above-ground pools:

Installation Time

Above-ground pools are installed relatively quickly, in a timeframe of one to several days. The installation process includes leveling the ground, erecting the pool, and installing the pool liner. If adding a fence, doing basic landscaping, and building a step or deck system, the process can go on a bit longer. Usually, above-ground pools are installed by homeowners that are on a tight budget or need a quick pool that can be ordered in kit form.

Inground pools take much longer to install, typically from six to eight weeks. The installation time depends on weather conditions and the availability of the contractor.

Installation Cost

The price of both inground an above-ground pools varies based on the size, materials, design, quality of filtration system, and lighting options. Many above-ground pools come in DIY packages or can be installed by a local contractor. Inground pools, while typically more expensive, are made from far more durable materials, are deeper and thicker, and include visually appealing lighting effects, as well as steps and effective filtration systems.


In-ground vs. Above-ground Pool for your South Middleton, PA, Backyard

There are plenty of above-ground pools available on the market, but in a limited number of models, shapes, and sizes. However, they hardly compare to the style and flexibility of an inground pool. Above-ground pools typically come in round or oval shapes which puts a limit on design style. A huge perk of inground pools is that they can be built in the way you want them by adding personalization and high-end features.



Inground pools are arguably safer than above-ground pools owing to their built-in steps as opposed to ladders as a means of exiting the pool. Inground pools are also easier to supervise because of their lower level and open nature.


When it comes to attractiveness, customization plays a huge role, which again gives inground pools the lead. Swimming pools add interest to the outdoor space, making it more beautiful and unique. Above-ground pools are limited in their design options, but they can be added onto with a deck to add visual interest.


Upkeep and Value

Both above-ground and inground pools require maintenance, such as regular cleaning, filtering, and maintaining of the chemical balance. Inground pools are more durable than above-ground ones, especially those built from fiberglass or gunite. These type of pools add to the value of your home because they are durable, permanent features that add to the aesthetics of your residence. As temporary features, above-ground pools are not as durable and add little return on investment for a home.