Landscape Design Ideas for Added Comfort and Warmth

Aside from its beauty and stunning views, your South Londonderry, PA, landscape should be a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends in comfort. Creating an outdoor space that provides comfort and warmth depends on the elements that make up the design. There are plenty of design ideas to transform your backyard into a proper living area, here are just a few:

Create Multiple Rooms

If you love eating outdoors, a separate outdoor kitchen and dining area are worthwhile assets. Having a countertop for food preparation and storage space for things you will need while cooking will greatly enhance your cooking experience. Multiple outdoor rooms will also make the entertaining easier as you’ll have more space to welcome visitors without worrying about seating. You can add a bar island and construct another seating area for the dining room or patio. To make prep and cleanup easier, add a sink and a refrigerator for storing cold drinks and fresh ingredients at any time. Take the outdoor kitchen design to another level and build your own pizza oven for incredible evening gatherings in the comfort of your home.

Functional Patio Design

Your patio can be turned into a cozy extension of your home where you can enjoy spending time with family all year round. You can furnish the outdoor living space with comfy seating that will convert each of your outdoor areas into a relaxing spot. Even if you decide to add built-in seating because of functional reasons, you can add soft pillows and outdoor cushions for extra comfort.


For the winter months, cover your patio with a practical pergola or pavilion and add heating or a fireplace. Decorate the patio by hanging containers with seasonal plants and effortlessly blend this element with the rest of your home.

Ensure Privacy

Enclosing your patio can achieve ultimate comfort in your outdoor space. Depending on the architectural style of your home, adding a wooden fence can be a simple, cozy solution, or you can go with the option of building a larger, stunning wall that will add structure to the landscape. Full enclosures including overhead covering are ideal for keeping in the warmth of a fire feature or outdoor heating systems.

Build a Fireplace

Landscape Design Ideas for Added Comfort and Warmth in South Londonderry, PA

A fireplace will provide warmth, coziness, and subtly illuminate the outdoor space. They are perfect for the cooler days and serve as amazing decorative elements. A fireplace will transform your backyard, mark up your property value, and extend your landscape’s use beyond the warm summer days, providing a place for year-round evening entertaining. The design of the fireplace can vary from a luxurious, modern appearance to a rustic look rich in color that will enhance the design of your patio. The colors and textures of your fireplace should match the style of your outdoor design, highlighting the beauty of the surrounding elements and making this stunning structure the focal point of your patio.

Outdoor Lighting

There is nothing that adds a relaxing touch to your outdoor space like proper outdoor lighting. The lighting should be balanced between functional lighting, gentle ambient lighting, and decorative light features. You can use all sorts of fixtures, lamps, and even lanterns to create an inviting ambiance in the area where you will enjoy your family evenings. For the kitchen area, you’ll need good task lighting over the grill and countertops. In the other areas, you can create ambiance with a combination of downlights and accent-lights.