Landscape Design Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Springtime Garden in Harrisburg, PA

Is there a better time than spring to give your Harrisburg, PA, landscape a transformation? There’s something about the thought of green lawns and beautiful blooms that gets the creative ideas flowing. A beautiful springtime garden could become the signature piece of your landscape. Add to the overall look and feel of your landscape design with these ideas for spring.

Movement with Water Features

Your landscape needs flow and movement, elements that make it feel alive. Flowers moving in the breeze aid in this endeavor as do a water feature. Add a contemporary feel to your spring garden with a large size water fountain, pondless waterfall, or a custom-made water feature. The idea is to bring in a feature that you can admire visually as the soothing sounds offer tranquility and a zen-like feel.


Custom-Built Fire Feature and Seating

Landscape Design Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Springtime Garden in Harrisburg, PA

As the sun goes down and the flowers in your garden become harder to see, your attention can turn to some beautiful flames. Indeed, spring nights are perfect for family gatherings around a fire feature. Whether it is in a rectangular or circular shape, a well-constructed seating area with quality materials that match the aesthetics of your backyard can ensure you make the most of your outdoor living space. Permanent seating with attractive coping keeps the seating arrangement clearly visible and comfortable. Make a statement with seat cushions in vibrant colors and give your seat wall a more charming touch.

As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, Hummel’s Landscape Inc. stands by our quality workmanship and materials that we use to build and install seating walls and fire features. From visual luxury to unmatched quality, our installations ensure a long-lasting, enjoyable landscape design.

Image Source - Unilock

Smart Irrigation

A smart irrigation system will keep your springtime garden beautiful right from the start of the warm season. To apply just the right amount of water to your garden, smart irrigation systems take into consideration factors such as the type of soil you have, weather conditions, and the amount of sunlight your landscape receives. If you solely rely on just a sprinkler, some of the water used is wasteful—as some will get lost through evaporation and runoff.

Smart irrigation is one of the best solutions to water-efficient landscaping that also makes a great investments in your garden. Save time and money in the long run by choosing a service provider that will personalize your water-saving system. At Hummel’s Landscape Inc., we have an expert team to help you select an irrigation system that is water-efficient and significantly reduces the need for upkeep.  


Gazebo or Pergola for Privacy

As the sun begins to invite people to spend more time outdoors, privacy landscape features will make a great addition to your garden. Achieve the perfect visual flow with tall shade structures such as a gazebo or pergola. These structures are especially suitable if you want to bring the eye away from your flat yard into a gorgeous vertical structure. To find out more on the difference between gazebos and pergolas and how to choose the right one, click here.