Landscape Designer's Tips for a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Paver Patio Border

Although perhaps not the most exciting feature in your backyard, landscape edging is an important element that serves many purposes. The border around your paver patio will keep your patio effectively separated from other structures or softscape areas. Achieve both functionality and beauty with a quality, long-lasting patio border installed by a talented landscape designer in Hampden, PA. Know a bit about the installation process to make sure your patio edge will look great and last for a long, long time.

Proper Installation

A strong border helps to prevent the pavers in a patio from moving because of environmental conditions or traffic. Proper installation by professionals is a must for the integrity of the patio itself as well as its border. The complexity of the patio paver installation partly depends on the type of terrain involved. Another factor is what lies underground—local utility lines need to be taken into account.


Quality Materials

Since edging plays such an important role in holding the patio pavers together, it is essential to use only quality materials. At Hummel’s Landscape Inc., we are equipped with a team of professionals who can help you achieve not only a beautiful but also durable patio paver border. We’ll help you choose among quality patio pavers that match your style and the aesthetic of your landscape, and we’ll install them to the manufacturer’s exacting standards.

Define with Accents

Landscape Designer's Tips for a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Paver Patio Border Hampden PA

Aside from being an effective way to retain your patio’s field pavers and serving as a great mowing strip next to a lawn, patio borders give your landscape a sharp look. One of the biggest advantages of concrete pavers for your paver patio border is that their look can be repeated elsewhere in the landscape. Use edging to beautify your pool area and create a consistent look throughout the landscape by adding accents in the same color on your pillars, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen walls. Bordering can unite the scene you’ve curated. Concrete pavers come in various colors and realistic textures that resemble the look of natural stone.

Natural stone such as flagstone, pebbles, rocks, and boulders can also be used as an edging material. However, you may find that you won’t have as much flexibility in terms of placement if the border will be near a water or fire feature. Some natural stone has more sensitivity to these features than you would find with concrete options.


Colors and Textures for Depth

When it comes to appearance, patio edging has the power to make or break the look of your paver patio. If you opt for a stunning paver patio and add an edge that doesn’t fit its style or design, that will could wreck the overall vibe you were hoping to initially achieve. The colors and texture of the edging are important. Choose a dark color to add depth to the entire patio or a neutral color to introduce contrast. The edging should be in a different color than the patio to create visual interest. Textures give a final touch, so the texture of the border should match the texture of the patio as well as other nearby landscape elements.