Landscaping Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard in Silver Spring

Landscaping Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard in Silver Spring PA

Though most children enjoy being outside and can reap major health benefits from the experience, not all Silver Spring, PA, outdoor spaces are suitable for children. Families with young children and pets need to think about safety, maintenance, and family-fun when planning a patio or poolside. If you're worried about how your existing landscape scores on a scale of kid-friendliness, consider these ideas for ensuring a more family-friendly backyard.

Safety, safety, safety

Safety should be your top priority when planning your property, as children are curious, adventurous, and susceptible to all sorts of injuries as a result. While most parents will agree that playing outdoors inevitably ends in a scraped knee or scratched arm, there are certain precautions that should be taken to minimize potential injury and damage to the landscape.

For example, having the pool fenced off is absolutely essential if you have young children, as they should never swim unsupervised. This will still enable them to enjoy other areas of the landscape, like the patio and lawn, but will keep them at a safe distance from the pool. Patios, walkways, and poolsides are areas where children frequently slip and fall. Consider utilizing non-slip pavers for these surfaces to minimize cuts and bruises.


Cater to your kids

While a playground decked out with seesaws and swings might make many other kids envious of your backyard, it may not be what your children would enjoy most. Consider their unique likes and dislikes when planning their play spaces. Do they enjoy basketball, or painting and pottery? Perhaps you have a young green thumb in the family? In that case, you could help them plant a garden of their own, and teach them how to nurture living things. Planting a few of their favorite fruits and vegetables can also make your backyard more interesting and instill a new appreciation for food. Strawberry patches tend to be an absolute hit!

Minimize maintenance

Design a backyard that is easy to clean and unlikely to be damaged should your children get too rough. Artificial turf is a breeze to maintain, and also improves the safety of your outdoor spaces. Any spills can be rinsed off, and any damaged areas can be easily patched up. There will also be no need for regular mowing, weeding, or watering - giving you more time to spend with your children.

Keeping your children away from the pool when unsupervised will not only keep them safe, but will also prevent mud, leaves, and other unwanted materials from dirtying the water. Features installed as safety precautions, such as this, are often conveniently low-maintenance.

Thinking about plants

While azaleas, daffodils, and many other plant varieties may be tempting additions to your landscape, they are toxic to children and should be avoided. Many berry-producing plants are similarly hazardous to children, despite the festive color they contribute to winter landscapes. Thorny plants are often sought after for their unique appearance and low maintenance requirements, but have prickles that are hazardous to curious little hands.


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