Landscaping Ideas for a Stunning Poolscape in PA

Installing a pool in your Derry, PA, backyard gives you the luxury of being able to enjoy a resort-like getaway in the comfort of your home. The next step is to create visual interest with colorful design and greenery that suits the pool and the style of your home. Here are some ideas and basic landscaping steps for the ideal poolside design:

The Importance of Shade

Creating a natural landscape around the pool area that will also provide shade is a good idea for staying comfortable in summer. Trees provide relief from the sun and create a relaxing ambience. However, try to avoid planting trees that shed a lot of leaves around your pool, especially if you want to enjoy your days in a backyard that requires less maintenance. Another thing to avoid is planting trees with far-reaching rooting systems. For example, certain types of oaks and weeping willows can interfere with your pool’s foundation with their roots.


As an alternative, consider investing in a pergola adding height and shade to your poolside landscaping. Pergolas are beautiful structures with endless design possibilities. You can use your pergola to create a private area and decorate it with hanging container plants or climbing vines that will lead the viewer’s eye vertically.

Go Vertical

Landscaping Ideas for a Stunning Poolscape in Derry, PA

Pools are strongly horizontal structures, so adding verticals around it will create a balanced look. Big planting beds will add a refreshing look to your landscape. They are also great for camouflaging unflattering features and highlighting certain aspects of your backyard. However, it is not necessarily a wise idea to place planting beds right up against the pool edge because of the maintenance this adds. Instead, consider raised retaining wall beds, placed at a distance from the pool. Another way to create vertical floral interest around the pool area is with containers of trees and shrubs that will provide some height. The key is to choose containers that match your landscape theme and complement the furniture. You can decorate the entire pool area with diverse wood or ceramic containers with seasonal plants that will add variety to the landscape each season.


Structures like retaining walls, pillars, and steps will also create vertical interest around your pool. There are a variety of materials to choose for your vertical structures, with natural stone, wood, and high quality concrete building units being popular. You can use flagstone or limestone to accent some areas around the pool area and add a unique touch. Natural walls made from tall grasses or dense shrubs can also be used to form an attractive boundary to your pool area.

Lighting is Key

A great design deserves visibility at all hours, not just in the daylight, so don’t forget to install good lighting around the pool. Lighting makes everything more attractive, and provides another great way to enhance the pool’s features and surroundings. It also offers an element of safety for evening gatherings. Colored lighting can be added to your poolscape to inject an interesting, lively mood and make evening pool parties that much more enjoyable.