Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Vegetable Garden in South Middleton, PA

There was a time when nearly every vegetable garden looked the same—long rows of plants in a large rectangular plot. Today’s landscaping experts have perfected creativity, and versatility is seen in vegetable gardens across neighborhoods. They are added to a landscape bed beside a house, folded within a flower garden, or presented in round raised beds. At the same time, homeowners are increasingly interested in growing their own vegetables. So, here are some landscaping ideas for creating a unique vegetable garden just right for your South Middleton, PA, yard.

Small Yard Garden

If your backyard or side yard is small but receives the proper amount of sunlight, think about converting the entire area into a vegetable garden. You might want rectangular beds or square beds, but having them raised keeps the plants contained and accessible, and the soil will be more manageable. Small pea gravel can form the walkways between the beds to make it easy to navigate. You could have climbing vegetables such as cucumbers, green beans, and even some tomatoes around the outside edges to use existing fencing as a trellis support. You could even add a small table and chairs for dining outside right in your garden!


Large Yard Garden

If you love the idea of using a large portion of your backyard for a vegetable garden, then think about structuring the layout like a formal English garden where each planting rectangle is flanking a round center bed with an eye-catching focal point such as a specimen tree or a water fountain. With grass or gravel pathways between beds, there will be space for small plants like herbs and for larger plants like corn. Trellises for climbing vines and climbing cucumbers would lend visual height to your formal garden.

Tall Wooden Planters

Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Vegetable Garden in South Middleton, PA

Tall planters, about the height of your waist, can eliminate the need to bend over to tend the garden. With watering drainage holes in the bottom, this kind of planter can be used over and over again to plant your favorite vegetables. This also makes harvesting much easier. Herbs and colorful flowers in between the tall planters could be planted to maximize your space, since they don’t need as much attention as vegetables. You could nestle some Adirondack chairs together for a spot to relax after tending the garden.

Raised Stone or Brick Beds

Choosing raised stone beds means you are serious about your gardening, as they are permanent. And there are definite advantages of raised stone beds. First, they tend to be much easier to maintain because the plants are enclosed, making it more difficult for weeds to penetrate and spread. Likewise, they also keep spreading vegetables and herbs contained and out of the rest of the garden. Second, the soil can be rich and deep with organic compost and other matter to enhance the health of your plants. Third, drainage tends to be improved because of the raised nature, and air circulation is better, resulting in more oxygen getting to the roots of the plants.


Raised stone or brick planting for your South Middleton, PA, yard can be placed in any number of spaces—they can be constructed to border an existing patio, making weeding and watering and harvesting convenient. They can be built near an unused corner of the yard to leave room for other yard activities. They can even be tiered to designate clear planting sections, all while presenting a pretty appearance.

Whatever your vegetable garden dream, a professional landscape specialist can evaluate your planting space and recommend the ideal plan to maximize your garden.