Landscaping Ideas for Extending Your Hampden, PA, Home with a Front Porch

If your house in Hampden, PA, doesn’t yet have front porch, you have a golden opportunity to add charm and utility to your home. A professional landscaping company can work with you to add livable square footage to your property through the design of a front porch. Here we’ll discuss design ideas for creating a simple and usable front porch space for any home.

The Right Look for Your Home

There are nearly limitless options for designing a new front porch. The first thing to consider is the current architecture of your home. If your front entrance is at ground level, you can create a front porch in a symmetrical style, adding anywhere from 5 to 20 feet on both sides of your home. An elevated front porch is another possibility. For entrances that are closer to one side of the home than the other, perhaps a wraparound porch would be a classic addition. You can also decide whether you would like your porch to be screened in or not. Either design allows for fresh air to flow through your porch, and lets you enjoy the scenery of your property and the surrounding neighborhood.


Getting Started

Landscaping Ideas for Extending Your Hampden, PA, Home with a Front Porch  

For a basic front porch, you could start by choosing which paver matches your style and the look of your home. A larger paver is a good option for front porches since they allow for a more even surface. Umbriano by Unilock is a great option for creating a non-slip, stain-resistant surface. It comes in a variety of colors to complement any style of home, like French Grey. To add an accent to your front porch, look into having it bordered with plantings of shrubberies or even evergreen trees that would add a natural feel and a touch of additional privacy.

A raised front porch could complement your home’s entrance and add an extra entertaining space. Using walls to create height leads to a fun space from which to enjoy the sights of the neighborhood. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System allows for unlimited possibilities for a customized front-yard entrance space. You can also add raised planters alongside the bottom border of your porch for more visual interest. Bavarian Pitched Face provides texture and a natural look for the kind of porch that will blend in with the natural surroundings of your home.

Extra Elements

Once the basic structure of your front porch is in place, you can add your own personal touch and dress it up with style. A ceiling fan is a great way to make your front porch appear and really feel like a great entertaining spot where you can keep cool during warm months. You can also add unique lighting, like sconces, or hanging fixtures.

Finishing and Furnishing

Now that you know about some of the many options for creating a front porch for your Hampden, PA, home, fold in time to think about furnishings and decor to complete the look. A simple wicker seat and table, or even a rocking chair could be the perfect fit. Go for a porch swing to add something really fun and interesting. Don’t forget to add potted plants and flowers for an extra touch of beauty.