Landscaping Solutions to Trouble Prone Areas in PA Backyards

If your property in Lower Paxton, PA, comes with some topographical challenges, you don’t have to let that discourage you from achieving an attractive landscape layout. With a good design plan created by an expert, you can find a solution to any sloping lot, wind prone area, or shady space, and even use it to add a creative touch to the yard in general. Here are some solutions to common topographical and situation specific landscaping issues:

Hillsides and Slopes

Landscaping Solutions to Trouble Prone Areas in Lower Paxton, PA, Backyards

One way to deal with the issues associated with sloping landscapes is to do away with the slope altogether with the use of a retaining wall system or terracing. This structure will stabilize slopes, create level areas, and prevent soil erosion, at the same time serving as a strong decorative element that gives the space a unique touch.

Another alternative is to embrace the hilly landscape. Erosion can be taken care of by creating a rock garden or by using plants with widespread root systems that keep the soil in place. This is a solution that will accentuate the natural views of your landscape.


For a property that resides on a slope, planning is crucial. When it comes to building a retaining wall or terrace for your slope, talk to a professional that has relevant experience and expertise in the field, such as Hummel’s Landscape Inc. One of our consultants will be able to inspect your property and test the characteristics of the soil before deciding on the best solution for your landscape.

Windy Places

There are endless creative solutions to preventing wind from ruining the experience of your landscape. Many people choose to build fences rather than a solid structure because fences provide an effective, lightweight solution for blocking the wind. Windscreens made from plexiglass are also an excellent barrier from the wind and are strong enough to withstand powerful gusts. They’re also easy to maintain and preserve the views of your landscape.

If you prefer natural solutions, a tall hedge or shrub wall makes a great wind barrier. A low wall, a wooden fence, or hedges work great for traditional landscapes and provide a relaxed look. These solutions can also take care of privacy problems in your backyard.


Drainage Problems

Considering the fact that water runoff threatens to ruin your home’s foundation, dealing with drainage problems is an urgent matter. Usually, the solution depends on the size of the issue.

If your backyard is constantly flooded with excess water runoff, making certain spots unusable, and threatening the structure of your home, you might need to install a French drain or subsurface drainage network. A French drain will keep the water away from your foundations by redirecting it into collection tanks making it available for reuse for watering plants or running water features. Alternatively it can be percolated back into the soil gradually.

If you are dealing with an area that is more swampy than the rest of your landscape, you could instead opt for a rain garden of wetland plants or a dry creek bed.