Landscaping Tips for Flat Yards in Derry

A flat yard may not look like much initially, but it’s the perfect canvas to start with if you’re planning to landscape your Derry, PA, backyard. Without having to overcome obstacles such as a steep slope or uneven terrain, you can create any look with your landscape design. Try some of these interesting ways to take your flat backyard from boring to breathtaking.

Start with A Good Plan

With a flat, open layout, your backyard design has no boundaries. Decide on your style and work from there. Do you want a formal English garden or a lush oasis? Selecting a theme at the beginning of the planning stage will allow all elements of your landscape to work together.

Pool or Water Feature

Landscaping Tips for Flat Yards in Derry, PA

One of the most exciting ways to update a flat landscape is with a pool or water feature. Whether you want to swim or just enjoy the look of a pond, water brings beauty and soothing sounds to your landscape. Installing a pool creates a place for friends and family to gather, and will increase the value of your home. Incorporating a waterfall feature with your pool adds vertical height to your landscape while also providing the relaxing sound of falling water. If you prefer a more natural feel, including a pond with a waterfall creates movement while adding dimension to your landscape.


If you don’t have the space for a pool or pond but still want to incorporate a water feature, a fountain is a simple solution. A fountain will produce the sound of moving water and can add a vertical dimensional. Shooting water will also help draw the eye upward.



Hardscaping elements are an excellent way to add permanent height to your yard. Between natural rocks, manmade masonry, and wood, there are a wide range of durable and versatile options. Using boulders, stone walls, statues, and benches will break up a flat landscape while creating focal points.

Outdoor rooms not only extend your living space, but walls, counters, and even outdoor furniture create a vertical presence in your landscape.  Including a fireplace creates a wonderful ambiance while also adding another tall element. A pergola will help define an outdoor room without hindering the view.

Raised planting beds create different levels and add form and structure to your backyard.  Plants within the beds will also add a vertical element. Including evergreen shrubs and bushes will keep the height there all year round.

Tall Plants

The easiest way to add height to your landscape is with plants. Trees provide shade and can deliver varying heights to your landscape. Flowering trees will add color and offer variety throughout the seasons. Incorporating hedges into your design adds vertical elements that also increase privacy.  Ornamental grasses are a simple way to add volume and movement to your yard. Grouping tall grasses together will create the most impact. Bringing in a trellis or archway to guide vines upward will create the look of a higher landscape.

Sports Courts

A flat landscape is the perfect terrain for an outdoor sporting area. Including a court for your favorite activity will make the most of your flat backyard. A putting green or tennis court is much easier to install when your yard is already level. A basketball court or lawn bowling lane will also work well on a flat landscape.