Laying Patterns and Borders for Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces created with inconsistent laying patterns or no clear borders can often seem incomplete and cause a lack of unity and balance within your landscape. The laying patterns and types of borders chosen for your landscape in Derry, PA, should reflect the purposes of your outdoor living spaces and complement your existing home, as well as other landscaping elements. Going into your meeting with a landscape design professional to make these decisions and collaborate on your design, armed with a knowledge of layout and border options, will ease the process and encourage satisfactory results.


Use Contrast Effectively

When it comes to eye-catching designs, contrast can be a huge asset when used appropriately. A contrasting border can clearly separate spaces; for example, a bold border will clearly mark the edge of the patio for either safety or aesthetic reasons. When two paved surfaces are distinctly different, this contrast can also define separate functional areas, such as an outdoor kitchen from an outdoor dining area. Contrast can also highlight features of the landscape effectively, drawing the eye to an area as a focal point.


Reflect Style with Laying Pattern Design

Laying Patterns and Borders for Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces in Derry PA

While mirroring the style you prefer with your selection of pavers is instinctive, recognizing that you can also reflect and create style with the laying pattern of the pavers may not be as clear. A subtler nudge in the direction of an architectural trend, some layout patterns are more in keeping with some styles than others. For example, a running bond pattern or large format grid is far more suited to a modern style than herringbone or basket weave; although, all layouts have a place and can be used with the right considerations. Talk to one of our experienced and trained professionals to ensure your laying pattern matches the style you wish to achieve for your landscape.

Choose Complementary Colors and Design

Even though contrast has its place within an effective design plan, the overall goal should be to complement the existing home and grounds. Without a reason for drawing attention to the edge of a hardscape, you may wish to make the border less obvious with a similar, complementary shading to the rest of the space. When the home is traditional or romantic in nature, a circular or herringbone pattern will complement the structure while a basket weave pattern can be used to create interest within many architectural styles. The colors and layout should be considered together when creating a design.

Create a Sense of Movement

An artful landscape has a sense of movement embedded into design. The eye should naturally continue from one direction to another, flowing from feature to feature, or toward focal points. This movement should seem completely effortless to the viewer. Longitudinal laying patterns have a way of guiding the eye along straight and curved lines, while randomized patterns contribute a lively feel to a space. Both can be used to contribute a sense of movement and a natural flow to an area.