Let a Landscape Designer Brighten Your Upper Allen, PA, Yard with Annuals and Perennials

Is your Upper Allen, PA, landscape starting to look a bit blah? A landscape designer can help you transform the boring into a gorgeous landscape that highlights the best that nature has to offer throughout each season. Annuals and perennials add pops of color at a variety of intervals from one month to the next. Here’s how we can transform your home’s landscape:

Designing Your Landscape

The first step to a beautiful landscape is planning out what will go where. Designing the layout is an important step to a great looking yard. First, decide how you’d like your front yard to look. Some people like lots of flowers and plants, and other only like a little. Traditionally, spaces for plantings are usually on the front perimeter of your home on either side of your front door. If you choose, we could expand that space to allow more room for plantings. We could also change the shape from a traditional linear or rectangular space to a curved or circular bed.


Let a Landscape Designer Brighten Your Upper Allen, PA, Yard with Annuals and Perennials

Another great spot for plantings is along a walkway. A paver border could be added to define the space, and a mulch bed the size of your choosing could be installed. If you have a beautiful paver walkway, new plantings could be a most welcoming addition. One increasingly popular option is a landscape island, a free-standing small section of lawn whose primary purpose is to showcase pretty plants. You could even add a fountain or light post and have the plants surround it.

Choosing Your Plantings

Annuals, plants that live until the end of the season, and perennials, plants that grow back every year, are both great choices for your landscape. Some annuals, like marigolds, add long-lasting color for the season. They’re great for autumn as they add festive pops of burgundy, orange, and gold to your landscape. If you want a very natural look, try a mix of different annuals, like daisies, zinnias, and pansies. The different colors, shapes, and heights will contrast each other and be reminiscent of a wildflower garden. For beds on your home’s front perimeter, you could have a few small or medium-sized evergreen trees installed as a backdrop for brightly colored flowers and shrubs.

For walkways, a fragrant perennial like lavender can form a beautiful path and treat you to a lovely perfume to boot. When it comes to smell, nothing beats lilacs. Consider a landscape island with a lilac tree; they are known for their hardy demeanor and classic purple flowers that smell heavenly. Another great idea for a perennial garden is a bed of bulbs, like tulips, daffodils, or lilies. They’ll pop up every year without fail to give you a stunning show of color. Last but not least, peonies are a fantastic complement to any flower garden. Their foliage is lush and green during the warm months, and turns rosy during the fall. Their blooms are soft, and extremely fragrant, like big cotton puffs of sweet-smelling perfume.


If you aren’t a garden fanatic yet, you will be when you see how a landscape designer can improve your home’s look with flowers. You, your family, and your guests will love having many different flowers to look at and smell.