Let A Landscape Designer Turn Your Lebanon County, PA Property into a Tropical Paradise

With an array of options and a multitude of factors to consider, turning your Lebanon County, PA property into the paradise of your dreams can be a daunting undertaking. To get the job done and to get it done correctly, with the utmost quality, you’ll need the help of a Hummel’s Landscape, Inc. landscape designer. A thorough and efficient landscape designer can take your vision and bring it to life, while keeping quality, efficiency, and style in mind.

Why not bring the feel of a tropical paradise home with you, right to your own backyard? There are countless options available for creating an eye-catching and clean layout that is suitable for entertainment, as well as your own lifestyle needs. This can be achieved to utilize your area efficiently without it appearing cluttered.


There are countless plant options that can be used to create the tropical paradise feel. A landscape designer who is knowledgeable of the needs of each and every planting you may choose is a must, as is one who can also provide assistance in your decision-making process. Hummel’s Landscape, Inc. will provide you with options that are best suited to your layout and the climate in Lebanon County.


Outdoor Kitchens & Structures

The making of an outdoor kitchen and surrounding structures should and will be a collaborative process to best suit your aesthetic and practical vision. Create a lively environment to grill out or host summertime barbecues while keeping your beautiful outdoor appliances protected from the everchanging elements. You can also consider adding outdoor lighting to create a soothing ambiance and a well-lit area for night time use.

Water Features & Poolscapes

Nothing says “tropical” like calming and elegant water features, right? The addition of uniquely designed fountains can add a level of character and style to your outdoor design. On the other hand, incorporating a pool is both exciting and rewarding. With numerous aspects to consider, a Hummel’s landscape designer won’t allow a single detail to fall through the cracks and can provide the pool of your dreams, while staying true to your original vision.


Patios, Walkways, & Walls

The main features of landscape design are important and key to creating an environment that feels comfortable and tranquil, but it’s also important to include the elements that can tie it all together. Walls and walkways are essential for completing your backyard design and creating an aesthetically pleasing layout. Hummel’s Landscape, Inc. can provide the experience and creative eye to do just that. They will assist you in the decision of materials, length, shape, and location to provide you with a layout that feels complete.


Let A Landscape Designer Turn Your Lebanon County, PA Property into a Tropical Paradise  

A Lebanon County, PA, landscape designer will not only provide you with the assistance to bring any and all of these ideas to life but will also keep your budget in mind. Hidden costs can often come by surprise if you take on major projects by yourself. Using a professional and knowledgeable landscape service, such as Hummel’s Landscape, Inc., will eliminate financial surprises.


Allow a proficient and experienced Hummel’s landscape designer to work with you collaboratively and create an innovative design to incorporate your taste and needs. The tropical paradise landscape of your dreams awaits you and can be brought to life through your vision as well as a landscape designer who coincides their skill with the aesthetic feel and balance of your backyard.

Image courtesy of Unilock.