Matching a Pergola with Your South Middleton, PA, Patio Design

A well-designed pergola is a perfect upgrade for your South Middleton, PA, patio. A pergola will provide much-needed shade on hot summer days and can also help define an outdoor space.  When adding a pergola after your patio is complete, it’s important that the design complements your existing landscaping. Try some of these design ideas to match your pergola to your patio.

Rustic Charm

Do you dream of getting away to a cabin in the woods? Adding a pergola to your natural stone patio is an easy way to create a rustic escape in your backyard.  


Substantial stone footings will give your pergola a rugged look. Have the footings matched to your patio surface to provide consistency. Rough-cut wood posts and beams will enhance a rustic pergola and create the feeling of a log cabin, despite the urban location.
Add warmth and atmosphere by including a fireplace or fire pit in your patio design.  Oversized wooden chairs, layered with cozy textiles will provide the perfect spot to curl up on cool evenings.

English Country

A pergola will enhance an informal country landscape. Create a backyard that feels like a part of nature with a wooden pergola covered with vines and flowers.  Ivy, wisteria and roses will all contribute to a country garden feel.
A whitewashed, or naturally weathered pergola will blend with an English country landscape. Add lattice on the sides to create privacy and give creeping plants a place to climb. Comfortable wicker furniture, painted to match your pergola will provide a casual seating area for reading or relaxing.

Matching a Pergola with Your South Middleton, PA, Patio Design

Modern and Innovative

Step away from a traditional wood pergola with innovative construction materials. Consider metal beams instead of wooden posts to create a modern looking pergola that will match your modern landscape design. Adding horizontal slats on one side will help screen your patio from nearby neighbors.
For better protection from the elements, consider a modern pergola with a louvered roof. This will allow you to completely close the roof off, or open it up to let the sun in.


A Day at the Spa

If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub in your backyard, adding a pergola will transform your patio. Covering a hot tub with a pergola will increase privacy and help create a cozier space. It also provides shade to make your hot tub more comfortable on sunny days. 
A serene space calls for natural materials like wood and smooth stone. A pergola over a hot tub should be constructed of a durable wood that weathers well, such as teak or cedar. Add greenery with potted plants to soften the hardscaping. 
Pair your pergola with a fence or hedge to create a truly private backyard getaway. An easy-to-use fire feature will extend the hours you can enjoy your backyard spa. A soak on a cool night will be even more inviting with the warmth of a fire nearby.  

Beach House Patio

For a breezy backyard that invokes thoughts of sun, surf and sand, a crisp white pergola is the right structure for your patio or deck. Long, flowing curtains will help turn your pergola into a private cabana. A blue and white a canvas awning will provide more coverage from the sun and enhance the beachy feeling.
White wicker or teak furniture in neutral colors with lots of bright blue accents will help create a coastal feel. Add greenery and the sounds of water with potted palms and a water feature, and you’ll forget you’re not at the beach.