Matching Your Outdoor Fireplace to Your Paver Patio in Cumberland County, PA

Today’s fireplace designs can bring any style you can think of to your Cumberland County, PA, backyard. The warmth and coziness of an outdoor fireplace creates an inviting ambience, making this feature the ideal focal point for small and large gatherings, and backyard celebrations. Having a beautifully designed and expertly constructed fireplace in your outdoor living area is ideal for any season. To get the most out of its appeal, be sure to choose the right patio pavers to complement its design, or match the fireplace to your existing patio. Here are some ideas for doing this:

Stone Fireplace for Any Patio Style

Natural stone can be incorporated seamlessly into virtually any patio design. Regardless of whether your patio exudes rustic, modern, or Tuscan appeal, natural stone offers a variety of textures, colors, and shapes that will make an outdoor fireplace the centerpiece of your outdoor living area and mesh with the existing style. To best match a natural stone fireplace, consider  pavers that recreate the look of flagstone or granite and echo the natural qualities of the fireplace itself. 


Matching Your Outdoor Fireplace to Your Paver Patio in Cumberland County, PA

Stone veneer is widely used for fireplaces and is known for its excellent heat resistance and natural appeal. Stone veneer adds textural interest to outdoor gathering spaces and goes well with materials such as metal and wood. For a truly luxurious look, incorporate matching natural stone paving throughout your outdoor spaces.

Modern Chic

If you’re interested in modernizing your patio, but feel that your pavers lean more towards an old-world look, there is a way to achieve a cohesive modern appearance. And you don’t have to redo your existing patio either! 

Take your favorite characteristic of your patio pavers, be it the color or texture and match or contrast this characteristic with your new fireplace. Opt for a sleek, streamlined design to ensure a modern look. Crisp geometry, clean lines and sleek surfaces are some characteristics of modern fireplace designs. The color or texture of the paver will highlight the same or contrasting qualities in the fireplace and ensure a cohesive space. Concrete wall units are ideal for modern fireplace designs. Not only do they offer an abundance of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, but are incredibly durable, and have a high resistance to heat and weather conditions. 

Traditional Designs

Traditional outdoor fireplace designs are ideal for complementing brick, natural stone or old world style patio pavers. Again, natural stone, natural stone veneer or concrete wall units can be used to achieve this type of look. Brick, or brick-style concrete units are also good options. Traditional outdoor fireplaces often include rugged textures and subtle colors. Consider a material with a weathered surface texture for a rustic appeal.


Beach-Style Patio

Enhance your outdoor spa or pool with a sandy white or golden patio paver and a fireplace that will complement the beachy, monochromatic look. The contrast created between water features and fire features can be absolutely stunning. Consider a striking, double-sided fireplace that will allow guests to enjoy the feature from both the sitting area and the pool deck. This will allow guests to warm up and dry off in front of the fire before enjoying the comfort of plush patio furniture.  

Image courtesy of Unilock.