Patio Ideas for Bohemian Style Outdoor Spaces in Hampden

Do you prefer bright colors and lots of texture over a monochromatic palette and crisp clean lines? If comfy and informal is your idea of the perfect space, your landscape design should reflect your free-spirited nature. Incorporating these ideas into your Hampden, PA, patio will give your outdoor space a fun, bohemian feel.

Bright Colors

A key feature of a bohemian landscape is a vibrant color palette. There are so many ways to add color to your outdoor space. From bright planters to painted furniture, there are colorful options that will work for any size outdoor space. Any of the methods below will bring color and energy to your patio.



Mosaic designs are a beautiful way to add color and texture to your patio. Made from materials such as ceramic tiles, glass, or pebbles, they're also weather resistant and durable enough to withstand foot traffic. Whether you want to add a touch of whimsy or cover your patio with bold and colorful patterns, the options are endless with mosaic. A mosaic tile patio or walkway will make a stunning focal point in your yard. For a less dramatic effect, include decorative mosaic trim or insets in your patio rather than covering the entire floor. Design possibilities are only limited to what you can dream up!

You don't have to limit the use of mosaic to flooring. Mosaic tabletops and chairs are beautiful and will bring color and character to your patio. Add mosaic stair risers or have a low wall finished in mosaic tile to accentuate vertical surfaces. Planters and light fixtures can also make use of this technique to add more splashes of color.

Seating and Textiles

One of the main attractions of a bohemian outdoor space is its cozy and inviting nature. Incorporate comfortable seating areas that invite guests to curl up and relax. Add layers of pillows and throws to sink into. A comfy hammock or bench loaded with colorful pillows and blankets will make you want to spend more time outside. If space allows, a swing bed is the perfect spot to read or nap with a friend or the whole family.

A place to sit and have a meal doesn’t have to be formal. Opt for mismatched colorful furniture with bright pillows and table linens. Have breezy curtains installed to create shade and privacy. Add rugs for warmth and texture underfoot.

Plants and Flowers

Patio Ideas for Bohemian Style Outdoor Spaces in Hampden, PA

An abundance of plant life will complete your bohemian style outdoor space. To get a natural, carefree look, allow plants to overflow their containers and encroach on living spaces. Opt for plants with big colorful blooms and trailing vines. If your patio space is limited, make use of vertical space by incorporating a wall full of planters. Carry the whimsical theme to planters by incorporating bright colors and using non-traditional objects such as buckets or watering cans to contain plants.

Extra Touches

Part of the charm of bohemian decorating is that anything goes. Once the patio is landscaped and furnished, don’t forget to add the extra touches. To enjoy your cozy space after dark, include candles and patio lanterns. Cluster candles around seating areas and hang lanterns from trees, to create a soft, inviting light. Flea market finds make the perfect outdoor decorations. An old wheelbarrow, antique watering can, or vintage gate are just some of the options for boho-style garden art.