Patio Ideas for Extra Large Backyards

In Hampden, PA, large, sprawling plots abound. But what to do with all that space? Outdoor living areas should be in scale with the structures and surroundings, but sometimes simply constructing a massive patio that takes up as much of that space as possible is not the answer. Instead, focus should be on the design criteria linked to a client’s lifestyle. Only then can the design needs of an extra-large backyard be met in the most efficient, attractive way possible. Here are some ideas to consider if your patio lacks structure, dominates your property or seems lost in the vastness of your landscape:

Multiple Patios for Specific Zones

It’s easy for an enormous backyard to lack focus - attention is dispersed, pulled in all directions by the surrounding stretches of empty space.  To counteract this, the space can be sectioned into specific zones. Areas can be divided into individual outdoor rooms and designed according to their functions. For example, the pool area can be sectioned off as a place for relaxing and catching rays, an outdoor cooking area can be included, and of course a dining and seating area can be created.

To fully utilize the entire property and these newly formed spaces, multiple patios can be integrated into the landscape rather than having a single patio that overlooks a vast landscape. These patio areas can then be linked by wide walkways that encourage pedestrian traffic flow and draw guests into the yard to make use of the various spaces.


Patio Ideas for Extra Large Backyards in Hampden PA

Visually Divide Large Patios

Even by incorporating multiple detached patios integrated into the landscape, you may still be left with a large patio area attached to the home. To help avoid monotony in this space, there are a number of techniques that can be used. For example, the area can be subtly broken up by using paving borders to distinguish different areas or simply by incorporating a different laying pattern from one area to the next. You may even choose to use a different type of paver or incorporate inlays of a different color to set one section apart from the rest. These can be thought of as permanent throw rugs for outdoor seating or dining areas. A less inconspicuous option would be to divide the space with vertical structures such as pergolas or seating walls, or create multiple levels for your patio.



Plantings can be one of the most effective ways to soften large expanses of hardscape and make use of all that open space. Plantings can be incorporated into a patio design in a number of ways, from potted plants to raised plant beds.

Go with a Curvilinear Design

A curvilinear patio design can help to optimize the use of space in a landscape. A curvilinear design has a natural look that exploits curved boundary lines and follows the natural contours of your backyard. It also works well for yards with rolling terrain – the curved lines highlight the changes in grade and effectively incorporate them into the design. Additionally, bold, sweeping curves help to create expressive shapes that won’t become lost in a large expanse.