Spruce Up Your Old Silver Spring, PA, Patio with Beautiful Masonry

Is your Silver Spring, PA, patio in need of a facelift? Hummel’s Landscape Inc. can transform your plain patio into a fabulous outdoor living space with the help of beautiful masonry. Whether you want to add outdoor rooms, expand your backyard seating, or include more surface space for greenery, quality masonry work can improve your landscape. Consider some of these updates to spruce up your patio.

Natural Stone

The first step to a beautiful patio is to select the right flooring material. Natural stone provides unmatched quality and beauty that translates into a gorgeous patio. Natural stone also offers excellent free-thaw resilience and doesn’t absorb water, making it an ideal choice for areas that receive frequent foot traffic.

With premium options such as sandstone and limestone, natural stone from Unilock will elevate the look of any patio. And with so many available color choices, there’s a natural stone that will complement your landscape design style.


Paving Patterns and Designs

Borders, patterns, and designs can help make a plain patio both more functional and attractive. Features such as an inlaid rug or change in paving patterns can help define outdoor spaces and identify zones in your landscape. Borders can help direct the flow of traffic or outline an outdoor room. By repeating borders and patterns on vertical masonry elements, your landscape designer can create a consistent and cohesive landscape.

Masonry patterns can also be purely aesthetic with striking borders and beautiful designs that turn an ordinary patio into a work of art. Borders in contrasting colors and styles add interest and drama to a patio. Consider a double border for even more impact. A skilled mason can also create attractive designs and images with pavers that will add the wow-factor to your patio. Designs can range from simple shapes such as stars and rings to more elaborate images like a compass or flower.

Fire Feature

Spruce Up Your Old Silver Spring, PA, Patio with Beautiful Masonry  

The addition of a fabulous masonry fire feature will turn your patio into a night-time destination. A fire feature brings warmth and ambiance to your patio while also creating a place to gather. From traditional to modern, Hummel’s Landscape Inc. can create a fire feature that will be a stunning focal point in your landscape.  


Grill Island

Outdoor rooms not only extend your living space, they can also increase your property value. An outdoor kitchen adds function to your yard and allows you to enjoy more time outdoors with family and friends. A well-constructed masonry grill island can house your grill as well as a number of convenient appliances. Consider including features such as a fridge and sink to make your outdoor kitchen fully functional. Adding seating to the design of an outdoor grill island will allow guests to keep the cook company.

Permanent Seating

One of the best parts of having a fantastic backyard is hosting great outdoor get-togethers. Ensure that your patio is always ready for guests by including permanent seating. Raised planting beds can bring color and texture to your patio while also creating a place to sit. Seating walls could add structure to your patio while providing ample seating in convenient locations.

Including raised platforms for outdoor seating can add vertical interest and provide a spot with an elevated view. Alternatively, sunken areas can create cozy outdoor rooms and increase privacy.